Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Whether you are planning to give your kitchen an all new look or if you are just looking for modern fixtures, kitchen faucet is probably the first thing that you will want to replace. Unlike earlier days when kitchen faucet used to have standard boring designs, today you will find them in varied colors, styles and designs. With a gigantic range of kitchen faucets available in the market, you will never run out of choices. Whenever you renovate or redo your kitchen so as to give it a modern appearance, you need to stick to a budget. Thus, single handle kitchen faucets are ideal to start with. These are not only inexpensive, but also they help give your kitchen an all new look.

Things to consider while buying single handle kitchen faucets

  • Sink holes: Kitchen holes have anywhere between 1-6 holes in its bottom. Sink having a single hole requires a single handle faucet. Some of the sinks have two holes in it and these can accept single handle faucet along with a detached knob. Similarly four whole sinks can accept dual kitchen faucets whereas five holes ones needs faucets with a side spray.
  • Type of sink: The number of holes to a large extent determines the type of kitchen faucet that you should have. You do not want an overflowing sink and thus, it is important to take water outflow into consideration while choosing a single handle kitchen faucet.
  • The size of sink: Once you have decided on the single handle kitchen faucet style, then you need to consider the size of the sink. The faucet must complement the overall look of the sink and not overwhelm it. The flow from the faucet should cover the entire bowl of the sink. This is one of the most important parameters to consider.
  • The design of the kitchen: It is very important to consider the theme of your kitchen while choosing kitchen faucets. Make sure it matches the décor. Since there is a wide variety of single handle kitchen faucet available, you will surely find the one that you are looking for.

What’s best about single handle kitchen faucets
You may face a dilemma over which type of kitchen faucet to choose: dual handle or single handle kitchen faucet? You should make your decision as early as possible as it will help you in refining your search and thus you will be able to avoid wasting time. The latter is preferred more than the former as it allows you to adjust the water temperature easily. Two handle kitchen faucets make use of separate and thus are not as easy to use as single handle kitchen faucets are. Also, the number of handles can have huge impact on look of the design.

The Kitchen is one of the most well researched and well worked out rooms of any house. Generally, single handle faucets are easily to install and they are more convenient to use. These are very stylish and they have got superb finishing. No matter whether they are edgy, modern or classic, all of them look great.

You will find a lot of features in single handle kitchen faucets. These include bigger wash pots, spray features, retractable noses, and many others. These features further enhance the utility of the faucets; which features are most recommendable depends on your lifestyle as well as your personal preferences.

Quality of single handle kitchen faucets matters

When you shop for kitchen faucets, you need to keep the quality of faucets in mind. It is recommended that you go for reputable brands, since the quality of the materials will usually be worth the extra price. A faucet isn’t something you’ll be buying regularly and thus you shouldn’t mind paying a bit extra. Avoid buying cheap imitations, look for sturdy single handle kitchen faucet which will last you for a very long time. You just need to think of some good ideas and integrate them well into an existing design.

Do pay heed to the durability of these faucets. Since these are used a lot, thus it is important that the faucet you are buying has got a good life and durability and can withstand wear and tear.

It is best if you buy kitchen faucets online. Not only you will be able to access a wide assortment of kitchen faucets but also you will be you may be eligible for some good discounts.

Latest trends in single handle kitchen faucets
One of the most popular and emerging trend with regards to kitchen faucets are the wall mount single handle kitchen faucets. These do not require any hole for installation and can be simply mounted to a wall. This is a big reason behind the popularity of these faucets. These faucets look strikingly beautiful in antique styled kitchens.

Besides some other type of kitchen faucets that are popular are pot filler faucets, these look good and suit particular types of kitchen themes. Entertainment faucets or bar sinks are available in many styles and designs and these are much smaller in size as compared to other regular faucets. They also complement the style of the kitchen accordingly. As such, the looks of the faucets should be given due importance, as well as their functions.

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