Shower Tower

A shower tower is a very unique concept that is quickly getting a lot of attention. The idea behind the design of a shower tower is that a full body showering provides a better showering experience. Many shower tower designs incorporate multiple shower heads into the design, with regulators in place as well. Some models are designed with just a lengthy strip of water dripping down sort of like a waterfall.

Types of Shower Towers
There are two main types of shower towers. The first is the one that incorporates multiple showerheads and regulators to control them. This type of shower tower allows you to have a constant water supply coming from above you while using a handheld shower head at the same time. You may even be able to find models with jet water dispensers incorporated into the design.

The second type of shower tower incorporates a long strip of falling water. This provides a unique showering experience that some people may love. The visual appearance of this type of shower tower is what really sets it apart. However, it still performs smoothly and provides a great showering experience.

What to Know Before Buying a Shower Tower
There are many things that you should know about shower towers before you even consider buying one. Investing in a shower tower is not like investing a typical shower head. The plumbing set up behind the shower tower is very complex to begin with so installation may require a professional to come in. This will be a pretty costly fee to get the shower tower installed. On top of that, the cost of the shower tower itself is very expensive.

Doing repairs to the shower tower can be very difficult. You will need to look for a detailed instruction guide or get an expert to come in if it is necessary. If you do the repairs by yourself, test it right away to find out if it is working so you do not have any problems with it afterwards. The same goes for if you decide to install the shower tower yourself, to make sure that you installed it correctly.

Why Not to Buy a Shower Tower
Shower towers are very expensive and they tend to be more visually appealing then truly enjoyable. They do tend to be superior to typical showerheads when compared but not by enough to really make them worth the increased costs and effort. There is also the risk of the shower tower becoming damaged. If this occurs and it stops working then the cost for repairs could be pretty steep. Also, with the complicated plumbing set up for the shower tower, a small problem could cause everything to stop working properly.

The uniqueness of the shower tower may keep you interested and enjoying it for a little while but eventually you will likely get bored of it. You would be better off investing in a high quality handheld showerhead or massaging showerhead instead.

A shower tower may be worth buying for some people but not everyone will like it. There are many advantages to having this type of shower set up though. You really get a more full body showering experience and a massaging experience from the jets that are included with some models of shower towers. With the long strip that trickles water down, you get a unique showering experience as well.

If you are interested in the shower tower then you will have to consider all the pros and cons of owning it. Make the decision based on your budget, what features you are looking for, and if the unique features of the design are significantly appealing to you. To close, shower towers are very innovative and they could be improved tremendously in the future but right now they may not be worth investing in for most people.

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