Shower Radio

A shower radio is a device that is specifically designed to allow you to listen to the radio while you are showering. Although most electronic products are not recommended for use near water because they are not designed to tolerate moisture, shower radios are specifically designed to be waterproof and are perfect for those who like to enjoy music, talk radio shows or the news while they are showering or bathing. The most commonly chosen type of shower radio today is one that also includes a small fog-free mirror. This allows you to not only listen to your music while you shower, but gives you a mirror that allows you to shave easily as well.

Choosing the best shower radio for your individual needs will depend on a number of different factors. Keep in mind that all radios are not designed for use in the shower. You need to be absolutely certain that the radio that you choose is waterproof. Shower radios run on batteries so be certain that you choose a model that offers a long battery life. You also need to consider the size of your shower or tub and how much room you have for a shower radio. These radios come in a wide range of sizes and shapes so whatever size or shape your shower is, you should be able to find a radio that will fit perfectly. Be sure however that you choose a size that allows you the most space in your shower. You also need to look at how the radio will mount in your shower. Many models hang from the shower head or from a shower caddy. There are others that will fit securely over a hook or a towel rack and still other models that come with mounting hardware so that you can mount it directly to the wall or attach it to the side of your shower with suction cups. Be certain that you know how to mount or set up your shower radio and purchase any additional hardware that you will need to do so.

It is important to understand that there is a major difference between water resistant and waterproof. When you are purchasing a shower radio, be sure to check to see if it is considered to be waterproof. This means that not only will it withstand light splashing, it will also withstand complete submerging in water. This is important if and when you ever drop the radio into the rub while it is full. You should be able to view the information about whether or not each shower radio meets IPX or JIS standards on the packaging. If it is completely waterproof, it will state that it has passed the industry standards for this feature.

Pay attention to the controls on your shower radio. For convenience, the controls should be oversized. While most models today offer certain features such as volume control and station tuning, there are other features that you may want as well. station presets, timers, alarms and auto seek functions also come on many models. If you want specific features be sure to look for them before you purchase your radio. You may find that more upscale models also have a display that allows you to see which station is currently playing. There are others that will even show you the song and artist that is playing. Again, these are more upscale shower radios and will likely cost much more than the basic model. Choosing will depend on your own specific preferences as well as the amount that you are planning to spend.

Most shower radios will include both FM and AM radio, although most people rarely listen to AM. Many may also include a weather band frequency that will alert you of any inclement weather approaching. Again, these will likely be the more expensive models. You may find other features and accessories such as docking for an Mp3 player and even a CD player included. When you begin your shopping, be sure that you make note of any specific features or extras that you would like to have included. Once you know exactly what you want it will be much easier to choose from among the multiple varieties.

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