Shower Panels

If you are looking to bring a breath of fresh air into your shower system, you may wish to consider purchasing shower panels. They will typically come in various sizes, materials, and also have several different functions. Imagine if you could turn your morning shower into a relaxing and spa like experience. Taking a shower is something that we all do on a regular basis and there really is no need for it to be boring and mundane.

One of the most popular selections of shower panels is the ones that are produced by Palatino. They are typically made from stainless steel and you will definitely experience something you never have before. The Palatino shower system is able to dispense water via four different mechanisms. The primary method is through the shower head which gives off a relaxing and exquisite waterfall system.

The Palatino system will also feature a shower head that can be handheld and therefore you are able to clean those hard to reach areas of your body. The bottom of the shower panes are four jets of water that are able to provide a spout that will simultaneously fill up your bath tub, while providing an extremely soothing massage effect. The Palatino shower system is considered to be fairly expensive at $600, although it is very much worth the money.

There are numerous places that you can look for a shower panels, whether this be at your local bathroom store or on the Internet. There is a wide variety of shower panels available in the marketplace and the vast majority are found to have six shower heads. Should you wish to purchase a high-tech shower panel you will be able to switch between different water functions, although you should be aware that you can only have one type of shower at any given moment. One of the most sought-after shower heads is the rainfall showerhead that will literally feel as though you are in the pouring rain while you are actually in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Many shower panels come with various accessories that may include a water temperature digital readout, anti-fogging mirrors and shades and lights. You will actually find that installing a shower panel is extremely easy and can be done fairly quickly. Should you wish to hire a professional to install your shower panels, it is generally relatively inexpensive.

Shower panels will definitely look at home within a modern bathroom design. They additionally have many advantages and are regarded as a fantastic alternative to tiles. You have the opportunity to create a wonderful looking bathroom, or even a separate shower enclosure that will typically last you for many, many years. One of the biggest advantages of shower panels is that they have no grout lines, which are well-known to discolour.

Shower panels will always be more expensive than tiles, although the installation time will be dramatically reduced. You no longer have to wait for grout and tile adhesive to dry out prior to fitting or drilling into tiles. One of the biggest fears that you may have of installing tiles is the possibility of them cracking. Ceramic tiles are also known to be a nightmare to keep clean within a shower enclosure, and often water will penetrate through porous and cracked grout lines. This will eventually affect the adhesion of the tiles and they are prone to becoming loose or falling off. This will never be a problem with a shower panel as it can be glued directly onto plastered walls, and even onto existing tiles.

Shower panels will require a hot and cold water feed, which will typically have a minimum of 2.0 bar pressure. These specific panels can be used, and are known to be suitable, for high-pressure unvented heating systems, pumped water systems and fully modulating combi boilers. The thermostat that is found in the majority of shower panels will also be able to regulate the water temperature, which will be able to prevent any extremes, of either hot or cold, water temperature. You will also find that many shower panels will have a diverter that is able to divert water between the various shower heads, rain bars or body jets. However, as mentioned, these functions will only ever work independently from each other.

In order to clean shower panels it is important that you never use household cleaners that contain chemical substances or abrasives to clean plated or plastic fittings. These specific finishes should always be cleaned in a soap solution or with a mild washing-up detergent. They can then simply be wiped dry with a soft cloth. There are many different shower panels for you to choose from and the most basic models will retail from approximately $200 or slightly under. Shower panels are known to add a luxurious touch to any bathroom and will provide you with one of the most enjoyable showering experiences.

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