Shower Pan

A shower pan is the essential flooring that is placed in all showers. It is designed to work with the draining system set up for your shower. With the proper installation, the shower pan will be able to make sure that all water is drained out of the shower properly. The common materials for shower pans include acrylic and fibreglasses. Any other materials that are waterproof and durable are also possibly used for shower pans. It is also possible to install tiles over the shower pan for certain pans. This allows you to provide a better overall appearance to your bathroom as you can factor in your shower to your d├ęcor choices.

How a Shower Pan Works
A shower pan is mostly just a pan that is made out of some kind of waterproof material. It is also collaborated with the drain as the pan has direct connection to the assembly of the draining system. Installing the prominent component of the drain (a threaded ring) properly is necessary for the shower pan to drain water out of the shower efficiently. With the proper installation, a shower pan will effectively drain water from the shower without leaking any of it out at all. With the drain in the shower pan, there will also be a strainer as well. This is necessary as it is important to prevent any objects from getting into the drain and clogging it up. The strainer will be installed after everything else as it goes above the floor pan. It is important to make sure that this component is installed though as it could prevent a clogged drain and other serious plumbing issues.

Installing a Shower Pan
When installing a shower pan there will be a few components that you have to factor in to your responsibilities. Those would be the pan itself, the drain assembly, and the strainer. It is important to know how to install the shower pan with the drain factored in as well to prevent from any leaking being possible. This just requires the drain and drain assembly to be installed properly. If you plan on installing the shower pan yourself, it would be suggested that you get someone to join you for assistance. You can expect the job to take up to six hours. If you do not have any plumbing experience, hiring a professional would be suggested. This is not something that you want to do without knowing how to do it. The proper installation of the shower is absolutely necessary if you want to prevent a shower leak in the future.

Ceramic Tile Floors in Showers
Many newer showers are being designed with ceramic tile flooring. This design will also include grout as well. For these showers, it is not necessary to have a typical shower pan installed. However, it is important that you make sure that you keep good care of the ceramic tile flooring so there are no issues at all.

Many people believe that ceramic tile shower floors will just direct all of the water to the drain and not have any issues. However, that is not the case at all. Quite a bit of the water could possibly get into the ceramic tiles, grout, and eventually the mortar layer. The end result of this could be the development of mildew. Other issues may occur as well.

This can all be prevented if you make sure that there is never a leak with your ceramic tile shower floor. You can easily do this by using a shower liner or an alternative to the shower pan.

Final Thoughts
Having your shower set up with the appropriate components is necessary to prevent any leaks. It is usually a matter of making sure that the shower pan is installed properly. If you have a ceramic floor shower then you will want to just make sure that a leak does not occur at all. Ultimately, a shower pan is pretty standard for showers so knowing how it works, and how to install it properly, can play a major role whether you have issues with yours or not.

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