Shower Filter

A shower filter is a water filter which is designed to filter the water used in showering. You will find one can be attached to the shower head. They can also attach to the pipes which connect to the shower. The way a shower filter is attached will depend on the design. There are a number of reasons to choose to install a shower filter. You will find them readily stocked in many hardware stores. You can also order them for online. It is also possible to order a shower filter directly from a manufacturer of such products. Sometimes it is necessary to buy replacement cartridges that are also easy to find online or in hardware stores.

People who live in areas where there is hard water often like to install a shower filter in the bathroom. These filters help deal with hard or soft water, which can cause problems during showering. Some people actually do not like to shower with soft water. Soft water can inhibit the foaming action of soap and leave a scum behind. The problem with hard water is that it can cause calcification in the shower head as well as leave other mineral deposits in the shower. There is a solution to these problems and that is using a shower filter. Using a shower filter with a product designed to treat hard or soft water can eliminate these problems.

Shower filters can also be used to get rid of potential contaminants in the water. While we do not need shower water be drinkable, contaminants can be absorbed through the skin or through cuts, causing health problems. Some people dislike the thought of bathing in contaminated water. A shower filter will get rid of the bacteria by filtering it out. People who are environmentally responsible will often want to use collected rainwater for their showers. This makes a shower filter especially useful for people who do, since it is hard to control the purity of rainwater.

Another reason to use shower filters is to remove impurities such as iron from the water, or to filter out the bleach commonly used to treat municipal water supplies. You can prevent Iron and other impurities from staining the shower when you install a shower filter. Iron in the water will leave you feeling somewhat dirty. Bleach content can irritate the skin or eyes as well as be unhealthy for people with allergies. People who have sensitive skin fill find that a shower filter can make a big difference as well. The major advantage to using a shower filter is that it will target specific problem areas. You can accomplish taking care of these problem areas usually at a fairly low cost. If you purchase whole house water filters you can get the same results, but these filters tend to be more costly. A whole house water filter also means increased maintenance requirements. If the only areas of concern are the shower and bathrooms, installing shower filters to address these concerns is more a lot more cost-efficient and practical.

Be aware that most shower filters will reduce water pressure while showering. Shower filters that are sold bundled with their own shower heads are generally designed to be used together to help offset this phenomenon. Also, high levels of sediment can quickly nullify a shower filter’s ability to reduce chlorine or chloramine and decrease its overall effectiveness.

The media used within the shower filter itself can be a combination of things such Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, Activated Charcoal, ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate, Chlorgon, Far Infrared or Ionizers. Some shower filters may only use one of these media types to remove chlorine or chloramines in the water.

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