Short Throw Projector

In the world today, the use of projectors to display information has become a very popular concept. It can usually be seen in office conference rooms, classrooms and concert halls. Nowadays, many movie fanatics who own home theatres seem to use a projector to show the movie, rather than having it displayed on a TV. There are many different varieties of projectors, each with their own pros and cons and their own function. In a case where there is not enough room to place a conventional projector, a short throw projector must be used.

Short throw projectors are similar to normal projectors with the only difference being that they are used from a very short distance to project the display. This distance is usually around 10 to 60cm. This small distance can be produced by using a special type of lens in the projector called a Short Throw Lens. Short throw lens projectors are made by many manufacturers as a standard projector as well as an option in many projector models. Few of the more famous short throw projectors are the Mitsubishi XD500U-ST and the Panasonic PT-AE4000U.

The difference between a long throw projector and a short throw projector is that a long throw projector is used to cast the display from a long distance away. These projectors are usually placed at the back of the hall or room behind the audience. The disadvantage of a long throw projector when compared to a short throw projector is that a shadow is produced whenever a person walks across the room or across the projector’s light beam. The instructor also has to look away from the projector’s light source while talking back to the audience to avoid eye damage. This problem is avoided in the short throw projector because it is placed right at front of the room.

One of the top models of short throw projectors available is the Epson Powerlite 400W. This projector is an Ultra Short Throw model, which means it can display the output from an even shorter range. It has also been awarded the “Special Interest Award” by because of the astounding performance it exhibited. When compared with a few other short throws of its level, it has won every competition that has been thrown at it.

The reason why the Epson 400W has been so admired is because of its many qualities and aspects. Firstly, this is the first ultra-short-throw projector that has a widescreen feature and has revolutionized the market since then. The display is also incomparable to any other projector of its class because of the 400W’s superior color accuracy and image sharpness.

People will be able to understand simply by looking at it that the Epson 400W projector has been built to impress. The construction seems solid though it is very compact and quite light. These features even allow it to be used like a portable projector. The built in 10W audio speakers are quite sturdy as well and are designed to be able to handle any moderately sized room. And if it is used in any larger room, the three audio input ports will able to provide a bounty of sounds.

Another Ultra Short Throw projector in line with the Epson Powerlite is the Hitachi CP-A100. The main attraction of this particular projector is that calling it an ultra-short-throw is an understatement. It has taken short throw projectors to a whole new level in terms of distance from the screen, being operational from about 4 inches from the screen. Yet from such a short distance, it can still provide a clear picture of a width of four feet.

Another very appealing feature of the Hitachi CP-A100 is that it has a very solid lumens rating of 2500. Simply put, lumens are the units that are used to measure the brightness of a projector. The stated rating is always tested and the results are quite impressive – 2264 lumens were measured using the Daytime mode of the projector, which is the highest brightness setting. The result may seem slightly disheartening to a few individuals. However, because this particular projector is a short throw model, it posed certain problems regarding the measurement of lumens which gave way to great scope of error. Considering the obstacles faced while taking the measurements, 2264 lumens is a very strong rating.

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