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In the world today, there is a significant competition in the LCD TV market. All the top brands have their goals set to try and make their name shine as the best LCD TV producer. But one such competitor that has a strong chance of accomplishing their goal is Sharp. Sharp has been a major producer of electronic goods for years but it is very hard to imagine how they got to their current state of success knowing that they started their journey by making mere pencils!

Sharp originated in 1912 in a small metal workshop in the city of Osaka. It was run by a man named Tokuji Hayakawa who was also a successful inventor. The main source of business for the workshop was doing simple repairs for customers. They were a great success and then Hayakawa invented a mechanical pen which he affectionately named: The Ever-Sharp. This pen was made from a metal rod which contained a retractable graphite lead inside it. The pen was a roaring success all around the world and helped Hayakawa receive patents for them in Japan and later in the US.

Today, Sharp produces much more than just pens. In their long list of manufactured LCD TVs, one of the best is the Sharp Aquos LC-52LE700UN. This is Sharp’s newest LCD TV which combines their previous Aquos LCD panel technology with a Full Array LED backlight system. The concoction produced from this combination creates an unparalleled screen quality which is responsible for an outstanding TV experience.

Sharp truly created a masterpiece with the Aquos LC-53LE700UN because it makes use Sharp’s Ultra Brilliant LED system which enables the TV to produce brightness and contrast levels which can surpass almost all the other LCD TVs in its field. The LED system also helps this TV have a greater lifespan making it a great value for money. It is also very eco-friendly because it takes many small steps to make sure it is as less damaging to the environment as possible with the most noticeable factor being its construction without the use of both lead and mercury. The design also makes the Aquos consume less power which provides a great edge over other LCD TVs in the market.

The Aquos is particularly attractive to gamers because of the TV’s Vyper Drive Gaming Mode. It contains a newly developed processor which significantly reduces the time taken for the signal to reach from the video game to the screen. This adds an enhanced accuracy to the game and ensures that gamers have complete control on their fingertips.

However, it is impossible to expect one piece of technology to be perfect. Any product made by man will have flaws and it is the same with the new Aquos. The most noticeable fault of the Aquos is that it does not have as deep Black levels when compared to other LCD TVs of its level. The TV also contains a slight weakness with its grayscale; meaning it is not as accurate as it could have been. Some poor choices have also been made regarding which type of material to use in the Aquos’ construction – the screen has been made glossy which makes it reflect some light from the surroundings.

Another LCD TV which is considered to be huge among the ranks of Sharp is the Aquos LC-52D85U. The strongest feature of this particular TV is that it has a very high refresh rate of 120Hz which works slightly differently than other LCD TVs. The high refresh rate helps the Aquos display fast-paced action in a never ending stream of accuracy with negligible amount of motion blur. It is also one of the best LCD TVs in the field of color accuracy which takes a slight amount of adjustment to bring out. However, the most important factor of this TV is that it is a great power-saver, being highly energy efficient and making it a much better choice than other energy-guzzling LCDs.

The only noticeable downside of the Aquos LC-52D85U is that its backlight uniformity is not as even as other models of its level. The result of this unevenness is that the TV displays horizontal and vertical lines with differing brightness in certain scenes and conditions which has a bit of an impact on viewing comfort and quality. Aside from this particular flaw, the LC-52D85U is a powerful LCD TV which is likely to attract a great number of fans.

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