SD Card Adapter

According to United States Patent 7097512, the inventors of the SD card adaptor known as the mini memory card adaptor were Hsiao, Kun-hsien (Chung Ho, TW), Feng, Yen-jung (Chung Ho, TW), Hsu, Mei-hua (Chung Ho, TW) and Chen, Chun-chung (Chung Ho, TW). The original filing date for the application for the adaptor was 11/07/2005. Soon after, Yun-Hsiu Lee of Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, improved the upper and lower plastic shell as well as the metallic shell, the terminal set and a write protect tab on the mini SD card adaptor.

An SD card adapter is needed by most of us when it comes to transferring our digital information from a small digital device to a larger device via a standard SD slot. People who are interested in capturing and saving photos, video or sound in a reliable and an easy format need an SD memory card. SD stands for Secure Digital technology. If you are shopping for one you will discover that there are more than 400 brands and dozens of product categories in more than 8,000 models. You should be able to find just the right product for your needs that will be readily usable on your large devices like a personal desk top computer. However, when it comes to storing data on your smaller devices like a camera or a cell phone you will need a mini or micro SD card.

You can now find an SD card adapter for your mini or micro SD card to fit it to a traditional SD card slot that is normally found on a PC. This way you will only need one SD card to use on your computer, video camera, cell phone etc. You can use the SD card adapter to upload your photos, files, music and videos onto your computer from your small devices. SD card adapters allow PC users to be able to upload the information they want even if they have multiple cards when they also have the mini cards.

SanDisk was the company that originally created the micro SD format and called it the T-Flash. It was renamed microSD and was approved of an renamed by the SD Card Association (SDA). The SDA has also approved the miniSD card. SD card format is the most popular format being used in memory cards today. The mobile phone industry created the need for the miniSD and the microSD when their phones began to be manufactured smaller. The traditional SD cards will not fit the small cell phones and cameras, mp3 players, etc. of today. The micro and mini SD cards are usually sold with an SD card adapter so people can easily transfer their data between their phone and computer. People can now transfer their pictures, videos, music and other data files directly from their cell phones onto their computers.

An SD card adapter is also needed for GPS devices, portable media players, digital audio players, USB flash memory drives, Nintendo DS flashcards and digital cameras if you want to transfer data onto a PC because the cards are not universally compatible with a traditional SD slot. The newer micro SDHC format also requires an SD adaptor.

Sandisk has also come out with a SD/USB card now that allows it to double as a normal SD card. It has been designed with the ability to flip it over and use it in the standard USB port. This card now eliminates the need for the SD adaptor. This is a dual function SD card that works in any SD card slot and a USB flash drive port. This is the option that provides the most cost savings to consumers.

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