Sausage Stuffer

A sausage stuffer is a kitchen appliance that can be very useful for anyone that needs to prepare sausages considering stuffing them is the most important part. You can find this tool either as a single unit or as an additional feature to the design of some meat grinders.

Regardless of which design of sausage stuffer you purchase they will still stuff the sausages the same way. The device will keep the sausage casings held in position so the sausage meat can be stuffed inside. The sausages are stuffed by turning a rotating handle that sticks out of the device. This will gently force the stuffing to go inside the sausage casings. A sausage stuffer is usually not heavy duty and is designed for home/personal use but you can find models designed for businesses to use.

Preparing a Sausage
To know how to properly prepare a sausage you will need to know exactly what a sausage is. Most people do not consider what is actually inside the casings and simply refer to it as sausage meat. While the contents are sausage meat, they should be referred to as cured meats. Cured meats are a combination of ground meats and various spices used for sausage stuffing. After the mixture of sausage stuffing is created it will be stuffed in the casings, in this case with the sausage stuffer.

If you are preparing the sausage meat then you have the option of changing the spices that are used. This allows you to change the taste of the sausages accordingly. You can also use a number of different types of materials as the sausage casings. Previously, the sausage casings were only made up of animal intestines.

After you stuff the sausages they are cured by one of many methods. Your options include cooking, smoking, and drying the sausages. Each will affect the taste and quality of the sausage so make your decision based on this. If you smoke the sausages then cooking them before consumption is not necessary. Otherwise, you may have to cook or re-cook the sausages for safe consumption.

Advantages of a Sausage Stuffer
With a sausage stuffer you can make sausages at home. This is a major benefit as you cannot only decide exactly what spices to use but you can eat the sausages while they are still fresh. For optimal taste you would want to eat the sausages within two or three days after preparation. Alternatively, you could freeze the sausages and they could stay ready to be cooked for an upwards of six months.

Ideally, you want to eat the sausages while they are fresh though. You will get the best taste as there is a much milder flavor with fresh sausages. For those that rarely eat cured meats, fresh sausages may be a preferred option as store bought sausages are often a very acquired taste. You can also try out various recipes and test strong flavors that would be difficult to find in a grocery store. The next best option to making the sausages at home would be to buy them fresh from a meat shop.

Final Thoughts
A sausage stuffer can be very useful but you need to make sure you use it properly. It may take a bit of practice to get used to but once you are accustomed with the process you will love using it. There is no comparing the taste of fresh sausages to store bought quality. If you eat sausages regularly then this should be an investment that you do not even have to think over.

If you would like to purchase a sausage stuffer then just find a good model. Read more on how to use the device and make sure you do it properly. If you do not stuff the sausage casings enough, or too much, it can ruin them.

The only major negative aspect of using a sausage stuffer will be cleaning up the mess afterwards. You have to be very cautious when cleaning the device as you do not want any bacteria to stay inside the device and get in your next batch of sausages. Therefore, you should look for a low maintenance model that is very easy to clean. Other than that, there is not much else to discuss on the basics of the sausage stuffer tool. If you would like to buy this device then go ahead and do so but make sure you follow the instructions and take care of it.

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  1. Mike says:

    I started out with a manual grinder with stuffing tubes, lots of work, but it did the job for the larger sausages.

    Next I bought a manual stuffer that again worked fine for the larger varieties of sausage but had a rough time with the smaller links and sticks.

    Now I use a horizontal stuffer and it’s tough to beat. The sausage comes out great and the cleanup is a breeze.

    You’re right about the quantity of sausage… if you make a few pounds occasionally save your money, but if you enjoy it like I do, do yourself a big favor and get yourself a gear driven horizontal or vertical stuffer.

    Have a good time!

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