Satellite Radio

One of the most interesting technological advancements in the recent era has been the implementation and usage of satellite radio. This is because when you have access to this system, you essentially have access to your favorite radio stations no matter where you might be at that specific point in time. In the past you would lose your radio signal when you travelled outside of the coverage range, and then you would be forced to scroll through the available stations or rely on the music collection that you had in your car at that time. With the implementation of satellite radio you are capable of achieving so much more, plus, you no longer have to worry about static in your stations or about losing the signal if you travel more than forty miles from home.

The reason for this is because satellite radio is actually broadcast from a satellite signal, just like the name implies. This means that no matter where you are in the United States at any given point in time it should be possible for listen to your favorite satellite radio station. This ability to have one single radio station for an entire trip is the reason that satellite radio is such a major improvement in recent technology. After all, it is a signal that is being broadcast through space and directly into your car without causing static or other disturbance problems.

Some people have found that the switch from standard AM/FM radio to satellite radio can be a little overwhelming as there are so many different stations to choose from that they often find that they aren’t able to look through all of them to find the station that best works for them. Instead they tend to focus on the first one they run across that kind of meshes with their needs and then they will listen to that one instead. So, if you do switch over to a satellite radio system then you should take the time to go through all of the station guides to find a few different stations that you will like. Then you will have more options on your favorite stations listing and this will alleviate any problems you may experience down the road when you are searching through the hundreds of listings while trying to drive at the same time.

In the beginning development of satellite radio there were two different companies that offered this service to their clients, promising the best possible quality and wide range of radio stations to accommodate any customers’ needs that might arise. These two companies were known as Sirius and XM, and both of them had different qualities that appealed to different users, depending on what their likes and needs were. However, both companies began to experience financial problems in 2007, and starting seeking permission from the Department of Justice to merge so that they could remain viable in the market conditions.

For more than a year they worked on getting the merger moved forward, and in July of 2008 they were granted permission and the two companies combined to become Sirius XM Radio. While there were worries about such a joining causing problems with satellite radio users being able to receive fair pricing and quality performance, but these have proven to be unfounded as the company still has a strong source of clients, as is proven by their more than eighteen million subscribers. So, if you are thinking of getting a satellite radio, then you should know that even though the two companies merged they are still going as strong as ever and they will be able to provide you with a host of options so that you can find the ones that you will want to listen to.

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