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Practically everyone has seen or heard about the popular Apple iPod, but there are other portable music players available that are just as good. The range of Sansa MP3 player models are worth considering when looking for a new one. The Clip is an inexpensive model similar to the iPod Shuffle, the Fuse is a mainstream model like the iPod Classic, and the View can play videos as well as music. The SlotRadio and the SlotMusic Player are two innovative products from Sansa that are like no other MP3 player.

The Sansa Clip was launched in October 2007 and is similar to the iPod Shuffle. It is slightly larger but still fits completely in the palm of one hand. The Clip has a small OLED display that can show four lines of text, and a click wheel for changing tracks and adjusting the volume. It also has a removable clip, an internal microphone, and a FM radio with forty preset channels. The 1GB and 8GB models are available in black, and the 4GB model is also available in silver. The 2G model is available in black, red, blue, or pink. The rechargeable battery lasts for about fifteen hours.

The Sansa Fuse was launched in March 2008 and takes over from older Sansa MP3 player models, like the e200. It is similar in appearance to the iPod Classic, with a 1.9 inch display and a large click wheel located below it. The Fuse range includes 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB models. They are all available in blue, black, red, pink, or silver. The internal storage can be expanded by up to 32GB by placing a microSDHC card in the slot provided. Like the Clip, the Fuse also has a FM radio and an internal microphone. The rechargeable battery allows for seventeen hours of music listening.

The Sansa View was launched in October 2007 and represents the premium end of the Sansa MP3 player range. The View range includes 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB models but is only available in black. The View supports several video formats, and its large 2.4 inch display is adequate for looking at videos and photos. The Sansa Media Converter software allows media to be quickly converted into formats supported by the View. It also has a FM radio and an internal microphone, just like the other players. The rechargeable battery provides up to thirty five hours of music, or seven hours of videos.

The Sansa SlotRadio is an innovative concept that is unlike any other Sansa MP3 player. It is a tiny device that comes preloaded with one thousand songs on a special microSDHC memory card. The SlotRadio costs $99 and is good value for people who are not too specific about the music they listen too. At an average cost of four cents per song, it is much cheaper than buying the songs individually. It does not require a computer or any time spent loading songs onto the player, and playlists for various types of music have been included. However, the music can only be played on the SlotRadio, and not copied to a computer or another music player.

The Sansa SlotMusic Player is very different to other Sansa MP3 player models. It has no screen or internal memory but it does have a slot for a microSDHC memory card. It is powered by a single AAA battery that provides fifteen hours of music listening. There is a play/pause button, skip button, and volume controls but not much else. The external shell can be changed, allowing people to customize their SlotMusic Player. The major record labels will soon be releasing music on memory cards for about the same price as a CD album. Each card has 1GB of space, allowing for extras such as cover artwork and lyrics.

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