Sandwich Maker

If you’re looking for a great little gift for a friend, college student or family member, a sandwich maker might be a great choice. It’s unique, it makes great food and it’s fairly compact. That makes it great for people who have small apartments or for college students. Sandwich makers, unlike hot plates and other kitchen gadgets, are generally allowed in dorm rooms, adding to their popularity.

Basically, a sandwich maker is used to make restaurant-quality hot sandwiches like Panini’s, grilled sandwiches and more. In fact, a sandwich maker is one of the few ways to get a really great hot sandwich like they make in restaurants without spending the money. It can even be used to make pork chops and other grilled meats. The hot area is protected by a heat-resistant lid, so there’s no danger of anything catching fire if the sandwich maker is left on. This hot area, which is made up of a hot plate on both the bottom of the maker and on the lid, is usually coated in some form of nonstick coating, making it easy to clean. That is very useful as for the most part the grill plates are not removable, so the sandwich maker must be cleaned using a damp cloth. Most do feature drip-spouts for draining grease, allowing for both healthier cooking and an easy way of cleaning up afterward.

A sandwich maker works by basically pressing the sandwich between the two hot grills. This insures that both the top and bottom of the sandwich are toasted and therefore the sandwich is cooked equally on both sides. Many sandwich makers use floating hinges on the lid to accommodate thicker sandwiches. Some have temperature settings, while other sandwich makers have one pre-set temperature designed to make sandwiches hot and crisp.

Of course, there are many different brands and sizes of Panini makers. Some are only large enough to make one sandwich at a time, while others feature room to grill two sandwiches side by side. Sandwich makers also often double as waffle irons, making this a one-stop kitchen gadget for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Not sure what to cook on your new sandwich maker? Well, most of them come with a small recipe book that can get you started. Once you’ve mastered everything there or want to branch out, there are some cookbooks aimed specifically at sandwich makers. These books include everything from basic Panini’s and hot sandwiches to some very creative recipes, including some sandwich maker desserts!

Sandwich makers are available at most department stores and retail stores that sell kitchen appliances. You can also order them online if you know exactly what kind of sandwich maker you want. Small, single-sandwich makers are often under $15, while the larger, fancier models will run you $50 or even more. If you have $500 to blow, you can even buy a restaurant-sized sandwich maker that can cook five or more sandwiches at once. Like all kitchen accessories, the price depends on how many bells and whistles you want. A basic sandwich maker for one, though, won’t break the bank. Some sandwich makers include extra plates specifically for other food that fit over the hot plates or replace them.

The next time you’re looking for a gift, think about a sandwich maker. It provides a way of making tasty hot meals with little cleanup or cooking time. With a price of less than $20, they’re also quite affordable. Sandwich makers are perfect for those who have little kitchen space, need to eat and run, or for those who simply love the taste of hot sandwiches but don’t want to eat out all the time.

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