SanDisk SD Cards

In this modern age of information overload, you can hold onto an abundance of data with your palm. Whether it’s through your mobile phone or a USB drive, you can fit data from 2 GB to 16 GB in a simple little card. MicroSD HC is a popular form of portable flash memory. It is mostly used for cell phones but nowadays it has been adopted to work for digital cameras to portable gaming consoles. This little wonder, which fits on top of a US dime, was originally created by SanDisk and their reputation only grew by time.

Micro SD cards were introduced by SanDisk around 2005. Back then they were only available in 3 sizes: 32, 64, and 128 MB. Now it is available in up to 16 GB versions, where 1 GB is more than 1000 Megabytes of data. In 2007, only 56% of the cell phones manufactured were SD card compatible and by 2009 the figure rose to about 76.4%. Researchers have estimated that by 2011, 85.6% of the cell phone shipments will be SD HC card compatible.

The only con when it comes to this product would be its price. Although the 2GB card is available only for $6.99, the ones with more memory such as the 16 GB one would cost as much as $99.99. Although one can buy them under $50, it depends on the store or site you are looking in. It is also very tiny in size, weighing in approximately 0.5 grams, about 1 mm thick and the overall dimensions being smaller than a finger nail. Because of the size of the product, the chances of losing the MicroSD HC cards are very high. However, this problem can be eradicated by storing the card permanently in a container or adapter.

The main features of the SanDisk SDHC cards are their universal compatibility, the ability for it to be used by card readers which can be easily attached with PCs, and ensuring maximum efficiency when it comes to synchronizing files. Built in security also helps the consumer enjoy the freedom of downloading, saving and operating files easily.

Since it is a class 2 labeled card, the transfer speed is supposed to be a bit slow. However, tests have shown that instead of the guaranteed 2 MB/s transfer speed, it can exceed upto 4MB/s to 5MB/s. Copying a large number of files can take up a lot of time, but real life field tests have proven that it still takes lesser time to transfer than the one recommended by the manufacturers.

The SanDisc Micro SD cards are also known for their reliability and stability. It can stand multiple formatting and without any risks of firmware damage. The greatest merit of the SanDisk SD HC card has to be how universally compatible it is. It can easily store movies, photos, music, office documents, slide shows, calendar entries etc. It works wonders as a way to install applications in mobile phones without clogging up the usually limited internal memory.

A lot of portable gaming consoles such as the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS use this technology to store games. And to ensure complete reliability when it comes to saving precious games and high scores, SanDisk SD HC card provides a long lasting customer satisfaction that can’t be matched by any other.

The wonder of modern technology has made a great impact on carrying and sharing multimedia data. SanDisk has made it possible for a chip as small as a finger nail to carry a vast amount of resources. Soon the SDXC technology will be introduced which will be able to hold up to 2TB of data. It probably isn’t very far when we’ll see a time where every sort of transaction will be made digitally, and flash memory cards like the SanDisk SD HC card will be the greatest tool for transaction.

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