Sandisk Micromate Reader

If you have ever taken family photos and videos on an outing or vacation you need to have a flash storage card to have enough memory. Most people want to transfer their photos and videos to a laptop or PC for editing. You need to have a flash memory card reader to do this. A Sandisk Micromate reader is just such a device.

SanDisk is the inventor the original flash storage cards (SD). They invented the technology and patented it. They also were the originators of the Sandkis Micromate card reader. Sandisk is the largest supplier of flash data storage card products even today. The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California and uses its patented high-density flash memory technology on their SD cards. SanDisk also has a large customer base outside of the United States and people all over the world purchase their flash memory cards and card readers. Sandisk recently released their 8 GB flash storage card to help meet the increasing demands for more flash memory storage as the craving for taking videos and pictures has really increased, thanks to the invention of digital cameras and computers. The flash memory cards are also useful to download and transfer digital music with. The 8 GB cards can hold up to 2,000 digital songs and more than 4,000 high resolution pictures on one card. All of that digital data needs to be transferred to a pc or laptop. The Sandisk Mircromate Reader is needed to read the cards so that that movies, music, videos, photos and other personal data can be transferred between your mobile phone, cameras and other such devices. As just stated, the Sandisk Micromate Reader is needed and innovative technology in the reader and SD cards allows the flash memory cards to be plugged directly into the reader for fast file transfers. It is fast and easy to transfer date between your phone and PC with a Sandisk Micromate reader.

The SanDisk MicroMate SDDR-117 USB 2.0 to MS Pro/MS Pro Duo Card Reader/Writer will transfer your images, photos and videos between your digital camera and computer. It will also transfer the data from a PDA, digital phone and computer. This Sandisk Micromate Reader has a high-speed USB 2.0 interface. It supports Memory Stick Pro Duo flash memory cards as well as acts as a flash memory drive. It has Plug-n-Play technology and is PC and Mac compatible. This Sandisk Micromate Reader also has an LED indicator. It measures 2.25 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches so it is small enough to easily carry in your pocket or purse.

The SANDISK MICROMATE READER FOR M2/MICROSD is a mobile card reader that does not need an adapter. It has high speed USB V2.0 connectivity and affords hi-speed transfer rates and is easy to install and use. The MobileMateā„¢ Micro Reader is the Sandisk MicroMate reader that will accept the following memory cards without the need for an adapter; microSDHC, micro SD, Memory Stick Micro (M2), microSDHC Ultra, micro SD Ultra and Memory Stick Ultra Micro (M2). This Sandisk Micromate reader is compatible with Windows XP, 200, Vista and Mac OSX.

The original Sandisk Micromate reader comes in either black or white. These are high performance SD card readers that sell for about $20. The Sandisk Micromate reader meets USB 2.0 specifications and can read standard SD and SDHC flash memory cards. You can get the reader bundled with SanDisk memory cards. The SanDisk Extreme III SDHC with the Micromate reader is their 4GB card bundle. The SanDisk 8GB Ultra II SDHC Bundle with MicroMate SDHC/SD is also available as a bundle. Prices vary on the bundles and it does pay to shop around for competitive pricing.

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