Samsung Washer

A new Samsung washer will win you over once you see how clean your clothes turn out when compared with other major brand washing machines that are manufactured in Europe and the United States. Samsung won the 2008 manufacturers award for ease of use, energy efficiency, noise level, design, feature options and value. Samsung washers also won in the clothes cleaning effectiveness class when it was compared to other European and American brand washing machines too. Samsung is a Korean company that has been in operation since the early 1930s. They have been continuously producing quality major appliances and electronics throughout the years.

A Samsung washer that is a front loader uses less water than top a loader washing machine and they need much less maintenance than other brands. A common feature of most modern day washing machines is automatic wash settings. These settings make sure the correct amount of water is added into the machine by the use of sensors. A new Samsung front loader washer also has the technology to choose the correct spin cycle. One of these washers can spin clothes at 800-1400 rotations per minute. You choose the settings for the types of laundry load you have put into the machine. The AirWash System is a new Samsung washer feature that is on most of their new washers. This is an innovative new technology that removes odor causing microbes from the fabric in your laundry. The Samsung AirWash system will also remove harmful bacteria in your clothing as well. A new Samsung washer also uses make use of Silver Nano technology to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean even when you dry them in the dryer instead of line drying. The SilverCare Nano technology device is a single strip of silver that resembles the size of a piece of gum that removes odors and germs.

One popular Samsung model is the model # SW50USP. It features a 5-step wash setting selection and will allow you to deep soak your clothes first to dissolve stains and dirt. It has the Double Storm Pulsator, Air Turbo Drying Systemâ„¢, or 5-Step Super Clean System. The pulsator makes for fewer tangles in your load and the turbo drying system has dual air intakes and turbo drying power to draw more air in as it spins so that your clothes come out with less residual moisture. Less moister means faster drying in the dryer or on the line.

Another Samsung washer, a 4.0 Cu. Ft. Front Loader, Model: WF328AAR has been reviewed as one of the best washers on the market today. The 4.0 cubit foot front loader has enough tub capacity to wash several pairs of jeans and a number of towels. You can wash a king sized comforter with no problem in this model. The washing drum is a stainless steel design which has been proven to treat your clothes gently. There are twelve washing cycles that you will be able to choose from and the cycles are categorized to the type and density of the load you are washing at the moment. This Samsung washer also has a hand wash cycle for your most delicate laundry items. The automatic temperature controls will adjust the water temperature to maximum effectiveness for each load too. It also has a 24-Hour delay start mode. Many individuals who work outside the home love this feature because they can set the washer to begin washing at just the right time before they get home. Having the washer timed this way will prevent your wet laundry from sitting in the washer all day until you get home from work so you can put them in the dryer. This helps eliminate odor build up during the day and wrinkles. You can shop for your new washer online and save money if you purchase your new Samsung washer from a discount appliance site.

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