Samsung SyncMaster

With the prices of computer monitors at historic lows, there is no better time to buy a new model. Anyone who is still using an old CRT monitor or a small LCD monitor should consider upgrading before prices start rising again. But with so many brands on the market, choosing the right one can be like playing the lottery. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to go with an established brand that has proven itself over the years. The Samsung SyncMaster range is a favorite of computer reviewers and enthusiasts, judging by the glowing reviews it has received over the years.

Samsung is a large group of companies that originated in South Korea more than seventy years ago. The companies within the group operate in a wide range of industries, including shipbuilding and consumer electronics. One of the most recognized and popular brands of computer monitor sold today is the Samsung SyncMaster. It has consistently been one of the largest sellers over the past decade, even before LCD monitors appeared on the shelves. That success looks certain to continue into the future, with the recent addition of high definition models to the range.

There is a Samsung SyncMaster to suit the needs of practically everyone looking to buy a new computer monitor. Whether it be a small 15?model for the office or a large 25?widescreen model for playing video games, there are more than enough models in the range to choose from. Along with admirable specifications, the Samsung SyncMaster range has a number of interesting features that are not usually found on other monitors. These are mostly software applications that allow users to set the display characteristics of their monitors in greater detail than is possible with a standard screen menu.

The most important features of a computer monitor are its screen size and native resolution. For the most impressive picture performance, both of these values should be as large as possible. Of course, the best monitors always cost more than the others, so the price is also an important factor. The other display features to look for include a fast response time, high brightness value, high dynamic contrast ratio, and a large viewing angle. Dual DVI inputs are great if more than one computer needs to be connected to the monitor, and extra USB ports are always handy to have available. Of course, the control buttons and memory card slots should be easy to use.

Samsung SyncMaster monitors have two extra features that are useful for controlling the display brightness and color. The MagicBright button allows the user to quickly set one of three brightness levels. Reading text on a bright screen can lead to eye strain and headaches, so the lowest level is used for documents and line drawings. Websites that have a mix of text and artwork look better when the middle level is used, and video games and movies look better on the highest level. MagicTune is an advanced settings menu that allows very precise control over the color profile, which is essential for anyone who works in the graphic design or printing industries.

MagicRotation and MagicNet are two more useful features that are available to Samsung SyncMaster monitors. Some tasks, like reading long documents, are easier when a portrait profile is used instead of a landscape one. The MagicRotation software allows users to rotate the display contents to the profile that suits them best. MagicNet allows content stored on a computer network to be directly accessed by a monitor, so that it can be used as a dynamic sign without needing a computer of its own.

The importance of ergonomics is indisputable these days, especially in the workplace. Setting the right height relative to eye level is important for reducing eyestrain and problems with the back and neck. Samsung SyncMaster monitors come with adjustable stands that allow the precise height control. They also have a very stylish appearance, with acrylic stands and bezels that look like they are made from crystal, combined with an attractive piano-black finish that looks great on any desktop.

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