Samsung Laser Printers

Laser printers were once too expensive for the home and small office markets. As the technology improved and the prices dropped, people rushed to buy them as replacements for their inkjet printers. Another benefit of laser printers is that they have a lower cost per page compared with inkjets. A Samsung laser printer makes a great choice for students and office workers alike. The large range includes models with multifunction, wireless, and even fax capability. Choosing the right model is a matter of balancing your requirements with the price, so that you are not paying for features that you do not need.

Samsung is a large group of companies that has its headquarters in South Korea. The group makes a diverse range of products across many industries, including consumer electronics. For many years, Samsung has been a leading manufacturer of home appliances, mobile phones, and digital cameras. They are also well known for computer equipment such as notebooks, monitors, hard drives, and printers.  It has a reputation for quality that in unrivaled by most other manufacturers. When you buy a Samsung laser printer, you can be assured that it is supported by one of the most respected brands in the business.

Laser printers are ideal for high volume tasks, such as printing orders and invoices. They are used in retail stores, restaurants, offices, warehouses, airports, and many other places where a reliable printer is essential. Inkjet printers require more maintenance and cause more delays for customers, which is not a good look for any business. A basic Samsung laser printer can be bought for slightly more than the cost of a mid-range inkjet printer, but any cost difference will quickly be saved through the lower printing cost.

The ML-1660 is a good example of an entry-level Samsung laser printer. This affordable monochrome model is ideal for printing letters and invoices, but if color printing is required then you should look to one of the more expensive models. The ML-1660 starts printing is less than nine seconds and can churn out up to sixteen pages per minute, which is faster than most inkjets. With a resolution of up to 1200 by 600 dots per inch, even the smallest text will be readable on the page. A regular toner cartridge for the ML-1660 prints around 1500 pages, but the included starter cartridge only prints 700 pages. With a retail price of only $129, even students can afford to buy this compact printer.

To print or fax color documents quickly, you need something like the CLX-6220FX. This mid-range Samsung laser printer is a multifunction model with fax capability. It has a fantastic resolution of up to 9600 by 600 dots per inch, which makes pages look as good as those from a commercial printer. The duplex feature saves time by automatically printing both sides of a page. The CLX-6220FX may take a bit longer to get started than the ML-1660, but once it gets going it prints up to twenty-four pages per minute. The built-in flatbed scanner allows documents to be copied to paper or computer file, and it also allows them to be faxed with the press of a button. The CLX-6220FX has a retail price of $999, which is surprisingly affordable considering how many features it has.

All printers eventually need maintenance, but laser printers are generally less trouble than inkjets to keep running. The only task they require on a regular basis is filling the paper tray. The high yield of the toner cartridge means that a laser printer can print over one thousand pages before it needs to be changed. To help their customers, Samsung provides manuals and software for their products on their website. In the rare event that something goes wrong with a Samsung laser printer, there is a network of service centers around the world ready to provide assistance.

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