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Samsung is a highly recognized consumer electronics manufacturer that is especially recognized for their line up of televisions. The company was originally founded in 1969, and within 12 years of that time, they managed to sell more than 10 million black and white television sets. Samsung has developed into an established and reputable name in the TV industry. The company has developed an extensive list of TV products including LCD’s, HDTV’s, and more. The line up of Samsung HDTV’s is even more impressive with a wide selection of amazing Plasma HDTV’s and Rear-Projection HDTV’s to choose from.

Buying a New HDTV
If you are currently looking to purchase a new HDTV then you should take a look at Samsung’s line up. There are quite a few great models of HDTV’s that are manufactured by Samsung. Take a look below at some recent models of Samsung HDTV’s that would make a great investment.

Samsung UN46B7000
This model of Samsung HDTV features LED backlights that add to the cool lighting feature of the television. The unit has a very appealing design and is noted for being very energy efficient as well. The Samsung UN46B7000 is also commended for having accurate color levels, and clear and precise imaging. This product also includes many connectivity features including four HDMI slots, two USB slots, and a PC slot.

Samsung UN55B8000
This model of Samsung HDTV is highly commended for its’ very slim design – only 1.2 inches! Aside from the thinness, this model is also well known for offering an amazingly high quality display with nearly perfect color levels. It is by far one of the best-valued LCD TV’s on the market. One aspect where it prospers from most LCD TV’s is with frame transition – the Samsung UN55B8000 offers very clear transitioning between frames. This product also includes various features such as DLNA, HDMI, and USB connectivity, and a customized sidebar widget for your computer.

Samsung LN46A950
This model of Samsung HDTV is one of the better LCD models that the company has to offer. This TV offers black levels that are far more accurate than most LCD televisions can provide. The color levels are also very accurate with this model of Samsung HDTV. There are also quite a few features available such as HDMI, PC, and Ethernet connectivity. This is one of the better low-end HDTV models that are currently offered by Samsung.

What to Know Before Buying a HDTV

When shopping for a new HDTV there will be many things that you have to factor into your decision. You cannot just go and buy a random HDTV and expect it to provide a high quality display and performance. There are many flaws in these types of televisions and it is hard to find one that has nearly perfected every detail aspect.

At first, the main factor in your decision will be the price of the television. You will have to make sure that any model you are considering buying is completely affordable for you. All you have to do is look at the models of HDTV’s that are available within your affordable price range and choose one from there. The second, and just as important factor will be the screen size that you desire.

If you have a low-to-mid ranged budget then you will have to look at some of the technical specifications of each model before making a decision so you get the best quality product for your money. To do this, just look for reviews of each model online and find out the strong points and weak points of each model. Some important factors for HDTV’s include the clearness and sharpness of images, black and color levels, and the smoothness of frame transitions.

Besides what has already been covered, you should look at the features of the television as well. Consider the connectivity features of the device if you want to connect your PC, or other device to the television. Make sure that any audio systems you plan on using are compatible. Etc.

If you are looking to purchase a new HDTV then you should take a look at the products that Samsung has to offer. There are many different models of HDTV’s available in Samsungs line up so you should find something that suits your needs. However, make sure that you do plenty of research before buying so you find the best model to invest your money into.

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