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Samsung today is one of the well-known consumer electronic manufacturers. They’re quite popular and have entered almost every segment in the consumer electronic category. From washing machines, computers, TVs, microwaves, music players and cell phones, Samsung seems to be making the right kind of products, and more importantly, it seems to be marketing them very well. Let’s take a look at Samsung’s range of cell phones.

Samsung has charted its course of action well, and seems to have made cell phones that will suit every market segment. They manufacture high-end phones, “Super Phones” as they call them, phones for business needs, style needs, multimedia needs, GSM and CDMA. Samsung is also one of the few companies to manufacture the CDMA + GSM phones.

Samsung’s Super Phones are its highest-end phone and have almost everything that could possibly be fit into something that’s about the size of a grown man’s palm. It has everything, absolutely everything a phone could boast of having and it looks like a million bucks. The Super Phones – Omnia and Innov8 are the best that money could possibly buy you. Omnia comes with GPS, 5 MP camera with Auto-Focus, full touch-screen, a 7.2 Mbps Wi-Fi connection, an internal memory capacity of 8GB or 16GB with a microSD card expansion slot. And these are just the surface features; anything else would take quite a few pages. The Innov8 is targeted towards those who like to treat the phone as more of a fun device than work. It’s designed to provide the user a great multimedia experience with 8MP camera (as good as a digital camera), DivX player, video recorded, pocket theatre, video games and 3D sound effect, coupled with faster web surfing and speedy wireless data transferring.

Samsung has four business phone models to suit needs of different professionals. Those who lead busy lives and have a hard time keeping their personal and professional lives separate can opt for the SGH-D880, which offers two connections. The SGH-1200 offers superior connectivity and the entire Microsoft Office for you to work on the go. The SHG – 1780 is Samsung’s answer to the Blackberry. Stylish enough to make a power statement it comes with the Windows Mobile Professional Edition, GPS and superb connectivity among other things. The SHG – D780 provides traveling professionals with a dual stand by option to end to bother of carrying two different phones.

Samsung has eight different models in its lifestyle series. These phones are meant for those who like their phones to be stylish with features that can provide luxury, entertainment and fun. Knowing that looks are important to a great lifestyle – most of the phones are bar phones, with a large screen and one of the models, the SGH-F480 is a touch screen phone. These phones start with the basic – Camera, Music player and FM radio and move on to higher end phones with 3.5G connectivity, 5 MP camera and a new “Touch UI” technology that makes working the phone altogether a new experience.

The multimedia phones are also quite stylish to look at. They are either bar shaped or slide varieties and start with simple multimedia functions, like those on the SGH-M150, which has FM radio and recording, music player, video recording, internet connectivity and move on to the SGH-E251 which has Bluetooth and USB connectivity along with the features mentioned previously, plus looks real neat with the slide panel and a full display screen. Finally, you have the Samsung pixon – 8 MP camera with smile shot, face tagging and loads of other photography options, 8 GB expandable memory and a slim 13.8 mm body.

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