Salt Spreader

The commercial residential salt spreader has been available to the general public for quite some time now. A salt spreader is a device that is used to spread salt around on the street to help the snow melt and keep the streets clear of ice. Large salt spreaders are used by municipalities and state highway departments to keep the roads clear of snow during the winter months. Smaller models exist for residential use. These devices help to improve road conditions and make it safer to drive on the roads during snowy weather. There are various types of salt spreaders on the market, from walk-behind models, ‘hopper’ styles, hitch mounts, and other types of salt (and sand) spreaders.

Salt spreaders are commonly used in the northern areas of the United States such as in Michigan, Main and Chicago, New York, etc. These areas and others are more prone to heavy snow fall and ice storms in the winter time that can make the roads treacherous to drive on. Residents of these cold states often have their own personal salt spreaders to use on walkways and driveways at home. Some people even have the kind that can be attached to the back of their pickup truck or SUV.

If you are shopping for a salt spreader for your home or business there are two types to choose from. One type uses salt only. The other type uses a combination of salt and sand. There are various types of spreaders available. The tailgate type salt spreader is best if you have an area that is large and needs to be de-iced because it can spread the salt around in a wider area and in greater quantities. An example of a large area that needs the use of a tail-gate salt spreader would be a parking lot outside your business or a long driveway. The tailgate spreader is made to be used in places where you can drive the truck through.

If you have a smaller area, such as a sidewalk out to your mailbox or a walkway around the house, you will be better off getting a walk behind model. These are perfect for small areas. There is also a hand held variety of salt spreader that you can use too. However, one that you walk behind will cover a little larger area; say the walkway from other driveway to your front door. Hand held salt spreaders are good to use on the steps outside the front door or on a small patio or deck, etc. If you want to cover a long walk way with salt using a handheld salt spreader though, you would need to carry along the extra salt to refill the hopper. This is not always convenient so a walk behind model would be better. Handheld salt spreaders do not hold much salt so you would be better off getting the walk behind type for walkways.

It is less expensive if you use a salt spreader that can handle a combination of salt and sand. If you use a combination make sure you have the right mixture amounts and the mixture flows evenly. Before you buy a salt spreader make sure you know what kind of salt is the best to use. Most of them are designed to handle dry #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and sand. The spreader needs to be dry when you use it so the salt will not clog up the machine. There are various models for sale online and in local retail stores. You can read reviews on the various models online. Shopping online can also allow you to compare prices on the various models as well.

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