Salad Shooter

A salad shooter is a kitchen appliance that allows you to shred large amounts of vegetables, cheeses and other ingredients easily and quickly. For making soups, pizzas and a number of other dishes, a salad shooter can be a dream. It has the ability to crush nuts for desserts and perform other functions that would typically take several different appliances or gadgets. It allows you to save time by shredding and chopping larger quantities of foods in a much faster way. Foods such as potatoes can be perfectly sliced although many users have had problems using the device on softer foods such as lettuce and tomatoes. The unit typically comes with a shredding and a slicing cone which can be used for a variety of foods.

The ease of cleanup as well as the small size makes the salad shooter a virtual must for any kitchen. It is dishwasher safe, even down to the blades so there are no worries of spending countless hours cleaning it. It can be completely cleaned and reassembled in just a few minutes and provides a wide variety of functions easily. Likely the most popular reason that consumers choose a salad shooter is because it has the ability to slice vegetables in specific shapes and helps to save time in the kitchen particularly when preparing large amounts of food.

Many users find it very easy to store because of its compact size. It takes up very little space on the kitchen counter and can be hung up when incorporated with a stand that is fixed on the wall. Using a salad shooter does require a power outlet be nearby so keep this in mind when shopping for one. There are varieties that run on batteries however, and many users have found them to be very durable and the battery life to be sufficient for everyday use. You simply charge it up and use it when ready.

Some users of a salad shooter have had problems with food pieces that get stuck in the blades. When this happens it is necessary to take the unit apart, clean the blades and then reassemble. Again, it is not the best choice for softer or moist foods such as tomatoes, onions and lettuce, although these foods can be chopped in the shooter. You simply may not get the desired results when chopping or slicing these moister foods. If choosing the electric model, the cord does come off for easier cleaning and for storage.

A salad shooter typically comes with a one year warranty. This covers any damage that may have been done to the unit prior to the retailer receiving it as well as factory flaws that may cause it not to work or to function improperly. When you purchase a new salad shooter, be certain that you receive at least a one year warranty just in case you notice a problem with the device once you get it home to your kitchen and begin using it.

There are different varieties of salad shooters currently available from a wide range of manufacturers, although the first and still the most popular is the Presto Salad Shooter. Many have found these to make wonderful gifts, particularly for those who seemingly have everything or for someone who enjoys spending countless hours in the kitchen cooking and preparing foods.

When purchasing a salad shooter, be certain that you are buying a product that is legitimate. Over the years, many companies have created their own cheaper versions of the salad shooter that simply do not perform like the original models. If you are planning to purchase a new salad shooter, check to see who manufactures it and always ensure that you receive a warranty with any new appliance or electronic that you purchase.

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