Saitek Cyborg Keyboard

The Saitek Cyborg keyboard offers a rather impressive visual appeal and numerous intriguing features, but there are certain important factors that are lacking. For around $80 it would be considered a mid-priced keyboard, so there has to be something there to make it worth buying. So, lets just jump right into the details.

Design – Visuals and Controls
The Saitek Cyborg keyboard may fall behind the competition in many areas but overall the design is passable to say the least. The keyboard is not sleek like many keyboards available today are, but that is not the target of the design anyway. The concept behind the Saitek Cyborg keyboard design is to compile a variety of buttons, controls, settings, features, and accessories all into one bundle.

The keyboard offers quite a bit in regards to controls and settings. You can manage the brightness levels, color display, use touch sensitive knobs, and much more. As well, a wrist resting pad is a great included accessory that makes using the keyboard for extended periods of time much more comfortable.

Overall, the design is nothing spectacular but it should not affect your decision on whether to purchase the keyboard or not.

Major Downfall in Design – How the Buttons Feel
Without this major fault, the Saitek Cyborg keyboard is an average keyboard. However, this is such a major issue that it will dramatically affect the ratings and reviews for the keyboard. With this said, there is no reason to dispute someone rating this keyboard 5/10 as it is such a major downfall.

So, what exactly is the issue with the buttons? Well, there are a few. First off, the spacebar (metal plated) feels weird, as if it has been over-abused. Since the spacebar is the most used button on a keyboard, this could become annoying, or you may get used to it after a while.

Next would be the general placement of the keys. All the keys on the keyboard are generally placed in perfect positioning to make typing extremely easy. However, typing with any key can feel slightly weird as they feel slightly out of place. Keys on this keyboard feel as if they are not actually connected to the keyboard, but rather starting to fall out. Also, when keys are pressed it does not feel too comfortable as it feels like you are pressing keys made of inexpensive plastic material.

It would be impossible to decide whether this is a good keyboard for its price without covering the features it offers. This is where the Saitek Cyborg keyboard redeems itself a bit. The Cyborg keyboard is basically a gaming keyboard with extra features that mostly add to the visual presentation.

The Cyborg keyboard offers backlighting in various colors which can be programmed to stay the same even after restarting your computer. Also, the dashboard of the Cyborg keyboard is very easy to use. The dashboard includes controllers for various keyboard settings. These controls are designed to be touch sensitive and make for much more convenient use. The keyboard comes with an instruction book that goes into detail of how the touch sensitive controls work.

Most gaming keyboards do not have extra bells and whistles to make them interesting. Usually they are fully performance based. This is definitely the one area where Cyborg keyboards should attract some interest.

Final Verdict
There are quite a few areas where the Saitek Cyborg keyboard could be improved dramatically. Not only are there issues with the feel of the keys, and a lack of interest in the design, but the keyboard also has very poor software. Even with the extra features that are not yet overly popular with gaming keyboards, it does not make up for the major problem with the keys.

If you buy the Saitek Cyborg keyboard you may be entertained with the backlights and extra features, but that will wear out quick when you realize it feels like a keyboard from the nineties. Simply put, this is just a mediocre keyboard with some extra bells and whistles that might attract some interest. With a roughly $80 price tag you are best to avoid this specific keyboard and look further into finding a keyboard that suits your needs and has a lot of positive feedback.

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