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Super Audio Compact Disk players take CD playing to the next level by offering the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format, as opposed to the more traditional PCM (Pulse Code Modulation). In fact, DSD was used in the 1970s and 1980s before the first CD player, in PCM, came out and changed digital music listening forever. DSD is even generally considered of better sound quality than PCM. SACD players can play any CD, and the top varieties of SACD players include the Japanese stereo SACD player, the universal player, which can play in any format, and the high-end SACD players, aimed at the most elite of audio file users.

SACD is praised for bypassing the traditional two-channel sound model to provide an incredible accurate sound stage, both in the level of resolution and the number of high frequency channels that are supported. In fact, “stero” is from the Greek word for “solid.” Stereos were meant to provide walls of sound, and two channels were used to accomplish this sound. However, for the more trained audiophiles, SACD is where it’s at. It’s realistic sound that is incredible detailed can be a thrilling, even emotional, experience for SACD listeners.Unlike the sound you hear during Hollywood films, great appreciators of music and sound engineering experts can discern the must subtle of differences … such as a plain nickel flute as compared to a solid sterling silver Pearl.

Unless you’re a serious recording artist or the like, the type of SACD player you desire will likely be a component of a larger player system, including DVD players, universal players, home entertainment centers and more. It is imperative that you test these SACD players out in person so you can get a feel for what you want so that you do not over- or under-spend.

Below are some examples of top SACD players, or entertainment systems that include SACD technology:

The Denon DVD-3930CI includes all of the connections you need to connect to an advanced audio system. This device is considered Denon’s flagship player. Connections for component devices are available in RCA and BNC, the latter which is considered more commercial. High definition technology can be supported for up to 1080p and it compatible with most HD screens. Live video connections allow an array of connections. The Denon DVD-5910CI is another flagship device for Denon. High resolution audio on multiple channels allows superior audio output. As part of the advanced audio processing system, five192 kHz/24-bit DACs can play music in stereo, 5.1 channel SACD or DVD audio discs, producing a very realistic audio affect. With pro-grade processing, the best in digital connectivity is constructed to be resistant to vibrations, which enables the Denon to deliver the highest quality sound possible.

The Denon DVD-758 includes a custom installer that allows for very advanced connections. Includes an RS-232C and IR serial ports so that a third-party device can control the systems. Because of its features that perform seamlessness and at a reasonable price, this is a popular device in the universal player market. This device includes an HDMI v1.1 digital video output, with scaling for up to 1080p. This device is compatible with most HD Plasma and LCD displays. The Denon DVM-2845CI is enhanced to work well with today’s audio and visual devices. Connection options are optimized in order to execute simple or complex entertainment systems. This system includes an HDMI v1.1 connector that includes a cable connection for audio and visual. Audio outputs for 5.1 yield crystal clear sound. The Denon DVD-1940CI is easy enough for a do it yourself homeowner to setop, and he evice includes multiple channel outputs that include DVD and SACD.

Sony also has offerings for the SACD audience. Its SCD-XA5400ES SACD player uses an uncompressed digital output to stream music through a HDMI signal. Features include twin R-Core power transformers, gold-plated outputs and the ability to play CD, CD-R and CD-RW formats. Meanwhile, the DVP-CX995V is a 400-disc SACD changer that plays in high definition (1080iX720p) and serves as a good storage device. Plays in 5.1 channel outputs and is compatible with DVDs, MP3s, CD-RW and more.

Of the Yamaha SACD players, the DVR-S200  is the most basic. It includes a 5.1 channel audio/video receiver and can play in both DVD and SACD formats. The DVX-S650 goes a small step up by including a YPAO microphone, which basically automatically calibrates the sound in any room to reach optimum sound quality. Of the Philips device, the SACD1000 includes a master clock that reduces “jitter.” Other features include a strong video signal, third-order Bessell filters and group delay that is constant. The SACD 900A includes 6 channels of analog output, SACD bass management, CD-R and CD-RW playback, a mode for straight CS and SACD playback, gold-plated audio/video connectors and more.

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