Rotisserie Oven

Are you constantly searching for a new and better way to cook your food? If so, then you may have looked into getting a rotisserie oven. If you haven’t heard about rotisserie style cooking, then you are may be missing out on something special. Rotisserie is a style of cooking where meat is roasted on a long solid rod. Think of the old style westerns and how they used to cook their meat over an open flame while it spun around on a rod to distribute the heat evenly. This was also a very common cooking method for people as far back as the medieval times, and was in fact preferred to cooking in an oven. You may have though that this was not going to be a possible way for you to cook without an open flame, but that is not true.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now enjoy the convenience of using a rotisserie style oven in your own home. This device is not very large and can be implemented in your average sized kitchen on a regular basis. However, there have been some criticisms of the rotisserie oven that you should probably know about before you decide to go ahead and purchase one.

One of the most common complaints is that the rotisserie oven is very messy. This is because much of the grease and fat that is in the meat drips down to the base of the rotisserie. While this may provide you with a slightly healthier meal, it can also make for some difficult clean up tasks afterward. The other is that while rotisserie style cooking does create some tasty meat morsels, it can also take awhile to cook. The time is probably less than a traditional oven, but it is still long enough that some people do not like to cook with the appliance. In short, if you are looking for a fast, efficient, and clean way to cook something, than the rotisserie style oven may not be the right thing for you.

You may also have to consider how often you would use a rotisserie style oven. If it is an appliance that you would only use once a year or so then you may not want to invest in one only to have it sit unused for a good portion of the year. With the increasing number of appliances that are available for people in their homes the amount of counter and cupboard space has become more and more constricted. People are trying to limit their appliance purchases solely to those that they are going to use on a routine basis so that they do not have any “wasted space.”

However, if you feel that a rotisserie style oven is something that you could use on a regular basis, then it is a wonderful way to cook that allows you to experience the flavorful way that people used to cook over an open fire in a small appliance. The rotisserie oven that you can use at home is commonly used as a horizontal rotisserie. This means that the meat is cooked on its side while it rotates around the oven burner. The meat will cook evenly over the heat on its side as long as it is properly balanced and can rotate on a solid turn. If it is unbalanced then you may have problems with the meat not cooking evenly and it could be burned on one side while not cooked enough on the other. This method of rotisserie cooking is commonly used for fowl like chicken, turkey, beef, and pork.

Another way of rotisserie style cooking is called a vertical rotisserie. This is most often used for lamb meat that is shaved for gyro sandwiches and other Middle Eastern delicacies. Some of the rotisserie style ovens that you may encounter will allow you to change the positions of the meat from horizontal to vertical depending on your needs, but you will have to check with the rotisserie oven instructions just to make sure that it is what you need.

In all, buying a rotisserie oven is a good idea if you are planning on using it on a routine basis and can be especially helpful if you are planning on feeding a large group of people at once.

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