Roof Mount Monitor

Anyone who travels long distances on our national highways knows that the worst part of the journey is the boredom. The endless stretches of road can have an almost hypnotic effect on both drivers and passengers. Children tend to suffer the most if they have nothing to keep themselves amused. A roof mount monitor is a great way to keep the passengers in the back seats entertained. As the name suggests, it is designed to be mounted on the roof inside a motor vehicle. To watch something on the monitor, you simply fold it down and turn it on. There are plenty of features to consider when choosing a roof mount monitor, such as whether to get one that has interior lights built into the case.

A portable DVD player is a great source of entertainment during long road trips, but holding one in your lap becomes annoying after a while. A roof mount monitor frees you from having to hold onto the player for the entire length of a movie. There is also the problem of where to store the player after you have finished using it, because there is not much space in the rear seats. One of the benefits of using a roof mount monitor is that you simply fold the screen towards the roof when you are done. That keeps it out of the way and protects it from being damaged, something that could easily happen to a player placed on the floor.

There are several different types of roof mount monitor you can purchase. Some models have a tuner that allows you to watch local television shows in the area, while other models have an internal DVD/CD player for playing movies and music. The best models have both a tuner and player but they are usually the most expensive. There are plenty of cheap models too that have neither a tuner or player, which can be a problem if you need to buy a separate player as well. In most cases, buying a model with an internal player works out cheaper than buying a model and a player separately. Of course, the price of a roof mount monitor also depends on the size of its LCD display.

The task of installing a roof mount monitor can be very costly if you choose to have it done by a professional. But if you choose to do it yourself, it could take a long time and you run the risk of damaging the roof lining. In some cases, you can avoid running wires under the roof lining by using the existing wiring for the interior roof lights. Should you decide to replace the existing lights with a roof mount monitor, be sure to get one that has lights built into the housing. If concealing the wiring is not important, a cable can be run directly between the roof mount monitor and the auxiliary power socket on the dashboard, otherwise known as the cigarette lighter.

The cost of installing a roof mount monitor turns many people off buying one. Fortunately, there are several other options that are suitable for a motor vehicle. A dual monitor system has two LCD displays connected to a DVD player. The lightweight displays are attached to the back of the front seats with Velcro straps, which allows the passengers to look straight ahead and not twist their neck. An LCD display is best viewed from the front, but a roof mount monitor forces the passengers in the side seats to look at it from the sides. Another option is a portable DVD player or notebook computer that you hold on your lap, but that can get very tiring after a while.

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