Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a small vacuum cleaner that moves by itself. Generally, these robotic vacuum cleaners move around in random patterns to clean your floor. Some actually know when their batteries are low and will return to their docking station to recharge, and others can actually empty out their dust collectors when they dock. There are several different brands of robotic vacuum cleaners out there, with the most famous being the Roomba. It was also one of the first robotic vacuum cleaners—it was introduced in 2002 and has been updated over the years.

Most robotic vacuum cleaners are round in shape. This allows them to spin around and get into places that a square vacuum could not, although it also means that robotic vacuums may not be able to get into corners. Robotic vacuum cleaners do have sensors on them to alert them when they’re about to bump into something so they will spin around and go in a different direction. For easy carrying, most have a handle on top. Some older robotic vacuum cleaners had to be programmed with the size of the room, but the newest models do not.

Robotic vacuum cleaners run off rechargeable batteries. Older robotic vacuum cleaners had to be placed in their docking station or plugged into to a charger periodically whenever their batteries ran down. However, newer robotic vacuum cleaners have a built-in monitor that alerts the unit when its battery is running low. The unit will then seek out its docking station using an infrared beacon. It will actually plug itself in and recharge itself, then return to cleaning. You can program your robotic vacuum cleaner to work with any charging station, so even if you didn’t purchase a vacuum cleaner that came bundled with a charging station, you can always add one later. Most robotic vacuum cleaners take 12 to 24 hours to fully charge, although some may have a rapid charge option that only takes about two to three hours.

Robotic vacuum cleaners can be operated with a remote control. Generally, these remotes include a clean, spot clean (clean in one area only), and return to dock button. The vacuums generally have to be carried from room to room, but once in a room and set to the clean setting, no other instruction is necessary. Some robotic vacuum cleaners also have the option to schedule cleaning. You can set your vacuum to automatically clean a room at a specific time each day. This is useful if you’d like your vacuum to clean your house while you’re out.

Some robotic vacuum cleaners actually map out the entire room using infrared sensors, while others simply do a spiral cleaning pattern and steer away from any wall or piece of furniture they detect. These robotic vacuum cleaners have sensors not only on each side but also on the top so they won’t try to go underneath sofas and other pieces of furniture that they won’t fit under. Most robotic vacuum cleaners will not work on thick carpet, and if they get stuck, they will make a noise to let you know they are stuck.

Most robotic vacuum cleaners only clean for a specific amount of time. Once they reach that point, they will set off a chime to let you know that they are finish. Some will then return to their docking station. While you may have to pick up and remove the dust collector on older models, newer models will actually empty their dust collector into a special section on the base. While you will eventually need to empty this collector, it can hold more dirt and dust than the robotic vacuum cleaner itself.

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