Riding Lawn Mowers

If you have an extremely large garden, especially one that has an acre or more lawn to mow, you may consider purchasing a riding lawn mower. If you try to cover that much ground with a traditional lawn mower it is likely to take a vast amount of time. You will find that a riding lawn mower will have a far wider cutting deck and is, therefore, able to do a far quicker job. The majority of lawn mower manufacturers will typically produce several types of riding lawn mowers which include basic riding lawn mowers, lawn tractors and zero turn lawn mowers. You will also find that riding lawn mowers can dramatically differ in their power and capability and, of course, price.

The makers of riding lawn mowers will produce models that can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. They will typically vary according to the specific features they offer, how durable they are and their engine size. Some of the most common manufacturers of riding lawn mowers include John Deere, Grasshopper, Toro, Poulan, Sears Craftsman, MTD, Snapper and many others. They will also come with a wide variety of engines from companies such as Kawasaki, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton. You will find that the least expensive models will start from approximately $2000, whereas the more professional line of riding lawn mowers will cost in excess of $5000.

The various brands of riding lawn mowers are likely to be very different from one another, although the major variance will usually be the steering mechanism. The more traditional riding lawn mowers will feature a rack and pinion steering. These will typically rotate the tires on an axle. Whereas a zero turn riding lawn mower will have a steering system that utilises pressurised fluid that is able to then control the actual direction of the tires. This will mean that you are able to turn the mower at a zero inch radius, thus allowing for far more precision.

Standard riding lawn mowers will include a wide cutting deck and an engine that will feature a certain amount of horsepower. You will find that lawn tractors are generally more powerful and are able to do much more than merely mow the lawn. They will usually come with various accessories that will allow you to perform many other tasks. The most manoeuvrable type of riding lawn mower will be the zero turn lawn mower. There are literally able to turn on a dime and are able to mow around extremely small areas and obstacles. The majority of residential riding lawn mowers come with a rotary blade system.

You will also find that there are numerous accessories available that can be used in conjunction with a riding lawn mower. These can include something as simple as making you more comfortable by including optional seats, floor mats and even canopies. However, with that said, the majority of accessories are aimed at improving the overall functionality of your riding lawn mower. Certain riding lawn mower manufacturers have a line of accessories that include shovels, ploughs, aerators, trailers, sprayers and tillers. These accessories can be directly attached to your riding lawn mower.

A major cause for concern is the amount of injuries that are related to using a riding lawn mower. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that approximately 37,000 injuries were treated over a two-year period that were related to accidents using a riding lawn mower, however, certain studies put this at a much higher number of approximately 80,000 Americans injured every year while mowing the lawn. There are also approximately hundred deaths per year that can be attributed to a riding lawn mower accident. The most common cause of accidents and injuries will typically be a victim being thrown off the machine. Even worse, there are numerous victims who are unfortunately run over by their machine. Due to the overwhelming amount of emergency room visits that riding lawn mowers are responsible for, a voluntary safety standard for mowers was introduced in 2003.

There are numerous features to guard against accidents and improve the overall safety of a riding lawn mower. These include stopping the blade from turning whenever the operator is no longer in the seat, higher seat backs and an overall better stability. Unfortunately, many accidents occur as people are prone to disengaging the safety features once they purchase a new riding lawn mower. It is vitally important that you leave all of the safety features of your mower intact as you do not wish to end up losing fingers and toes.

A riding lawn mower can be considered essential for anyone that has a large area of lawn to mow. They will obviously save you a lot of time and will be much less physically demanding. You will find that the majority of riding lawn mowers are gas powered, although there is a certain manufacturer that has produced a battery powered model. Riding lawn mowers are far more powerful than their “push from behind” counterparts, and are also equipped with a steering system and transmission.

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