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Knowing what to look for in a rice steamer before purchasing one of these devices can make a world of difference later on down the road. A high quality rice steamer may be more costly but you are guaranteed to most likely not need to replace it. It can also be beneficial to know the difference in price ranges based on the features and performance of each so you know what you are getting based on your budget.

With that said, lets look at the types of rice steamers available. Basically, rice steamers all work alike but there will be a difference in performance and convenience based on how complex the design is. The price for the rice steamer will also vary depending on the design obviously. There are three different types of designs of rice steamers: 1) basic, simplified design, 2) refined design, includes non-stick pot and designed more heavy duty, and 3) complex design, includes computer control features.

1. Basic Design

Rice steamers with the basic/simplified design will be extremely blunt and dull. These cookers use a metal (or glass) lid that can be lifted off the top of the cooker. These are not necessarily heavy duty and are mostly uncoated. If you do find a basic design rice steamer that is coated then it would be a thin aluminum layer, which is not significant.

There is usually a space limit of roughly 2-5 cups which may be an inconvenience. Overall, a basic design rice steamer is sufficient for most people but it is nothing special. Expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $40 for a basic design rice steamer.

2. Refined Design
While the refined design is not an extreme upgrade from the basic design, there are still additional features and characteristics that make it a better investment. When looking for the best performing and longest lasting rice steamer but also shopping on a budget, a refined design rice steamer may be ideal.

Basically the design is nearly the same as it would be for a basic design but there are extra additions made to it. There is a hinged lid which also includes a water catcher and this is definitely a great mess prevention tool. These steamers also have a handle which makes carrying and moving the device around much easier. Usually the pot will be coated with a heavy duty surface (non-stick).

Storing a refined design rice steamer is also extremely easy as the cord is retractable and can store inside the device. As well, the exterior design is overall much more intriguing for these models of rice steamers then it is for the basic design models. Expect to pay anywhere from $80 to 100 for a refined design rice steamer.

3.Complex Design
These rice steamers are not designed for people shopping on a budget. A complex design rice steamer model will consist of a number of features that makes the device top of the line. The main benefit of these rice steamers is that there is a computer inside the cooker which controls the device’s cooking operations. This is extremely beneficial as you can modify how the rice is cooked (hard, wet, and done levels), you can prepare the rice in a shorter period of time, and you can schedule when the rice is cooked and ready to be served.

Along with the computer set up with the complex design will be a tune that will play when the steamer begins and finishes cooking the rice. Usually there will also be a clock and timer included in the design of the cooker. Overall these rice steamers are designed much more attractively than the less expensive rice steamers. Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for a complex design rice steamer.

How Much Should I Spend?

With any kitchen appliance you will have the opportunity to spend more for a design that includes convenient features. However, even with all these beneficial additions, how much should you really spend on a rice steamer? If you are shopping on a budget then you will already have a price in mind, but otherwise, is buying a top of the line rice steamer completely necessary?

The main deciding factor in whether you should spend an extreme amount on a rice steamer is whether you are picky on how your rice is prepared and tastes. If you can eat rice that may be short of perfection then you may not need to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on a cooker. However, if you can only eat perfectly cooked rice then you will want to buy a complex design rice steamer. Also, the scheduled cooking feature allows for the rice to be prepared so it could be ready as soon as you get home from work.

Basically, you should make your decision on two factors. Firstly, how important the quality of the cooked rice is to you. Secondly, if the additional features such as the scheduling cooking option are going to be regularly beneficial to you. If you are simply looking to add a rice steamer to your kitchen and do not want anything too complex then just buy a basic or refined design. Otherwise, you could definitely consider a more expensive model if it will be beneficial for you.

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