Rice Dispenser

The rice dispenser is a great accessory for any kitchen where a lot of rice dishes are prepared. Buying rice in large bags saves money but it can be troublesome getting the rice from the bag to the cooker. Like any other food dispenser, the rice dispenser has a large storage capacity and releases its contents in measured portions as required. They are not the most attractive looking kitchen accessory but they are inexpensive, compact and very convenient.

Opening a large bag of rice, measuring out cups of rice, and then putting the bag away again takes time and effort. Thankfully, the rice dispenser helps make this task much quicker and easier. It also keeps the rice dry and protects it from insects, and it looks better than having a large bag of rice lying around. With one simple action, one or more cups of rice are released into the removable drawer, which can then be emptied into a pot or rice cooker.

The majority of rice dispensers are made from steel or plastic and have a plain rectangular box shape. Some have attractive rounded lids and faceplates but they still resemble a water cooler or computer. Most also have the same neutral white color that other kitchen appliances have. While a rice dispenser will stay in the corner of the kitchen for long periods, it will eventually need to be moved for cleaning. For this reason, some dispensers have side handles that make it easier to carry them.

Inside the case is a large hopper for storing the rice, a mechanism for measuring how much rice to release, and a removable drawer for holding the rice portions. The hopper is slightly larger than the standard size of a large bag of rice, so the dispenser can be filled even when it’s not completely empty. The rice dispenser has a top lid that provides access to the hopper, and most also have a small window on the front that shows the level of rice inside the hopper.

At the base of the dispenser is the removable drawer that holds the rice portions. Most of the removable drawers hold several cups of rice and have a funnel that allows for the smooth flow of rice into the cooker or pot. Above the drawer are the controls where the user selects how many cups of rice they want. Some dispensers have a lever or knob that fills the drawer with one cup for every push or turn, while others have buttons that fill the drawer with one or more cups for every press.

The rice dispenser does not require any cleaning or other maintenance, and it does not use electrical power. It has few parts and rarely breaks down, and should not clog so long as the rice remains dry. It is also safe and simple enough for children to use. When empty, the rice dispenser is light enough to be moved around easily by one person. Solid construction and seals keep out all kinds of insects, some of which are strong enough to break into plastic rice bags. This is especially important for restaurants who are subjected to random food safety inspections.

The size of a cup of rice is slightly different in many countries around the world. When buying a rice dispenser, it pays to check that the cup size is the correct one. Some dispensers are made with a cup size that is different to the standard cup size in the country they are sold in. It also pays to check that the dispenser has a capacity larger than the bag of rice that will be used to fill it. This allows an entire bag to be emptied into the dispenser, and saves having to secure and store a partially emptied bag.

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