Remote Control Dimmer

Think of the next romantic dinner you are planning. Where will you go? What will the lighting be like? It’s rather hard to have a romantic evening under fluorescent lights. That’s why McDonalds and other fast food joints have never exactly been well-known romantic hot spots. On the other hand, think of a fancy restaurant. Have you ever visited a fancy restaurant as day faded into evening? If you have then you may have noticed that not only does the sun go down, but so do the lights.

The mood lighting found in many fancy restaurants, or even in the privacy of your own home, comes from light dimmers. While most light dimmers are controlled directly (i.e. at home from those round switches often found on the wall), they are also found in remote control varieties called remote light dimmers.

Remote light dimmers are useful for home, office and restaurant. For one, remote light dimmers are programmable, generally running on a digitally controlled system like DMX or an Ethernet connection. This allows for the dimming of the lights to be programmed at certain times. Say you are the owner of a fancy restaurant and suddenly realize that people are leaving low tips because your employees have been forgetting to dim the lights at night. A remote control dimmer allows you to program the exact time you wish the lights in your restaurant to be dimmed as well as the exact level of brightness (or, well, dimness) you wish to project. Use your remote dimmer to its maximum to create a near dark, candle lit experience, or dim the lights marginally when you want people to be able to read and interact but still feel some relief from the brightness of a sunny day.

Offices use remote control dimmers in order to save power after normal working hours. If you are a particularly industrious employee, you may have been working late at your cubicle one night and then found the room around you suddenly plunged into dimness. That is because your company or your office building has used a programmable remote light dimmer to dim the lights. This allows the company to save energy on lighting when the office is not being used while still keeping it lit up enough for those late employees to get their overtime work done. Having lighting in an office also allows the cleaning crew safe access and deters any burglars who might have been targeting all that expensive office equipment.

And at home, of course, lights can be dimmed to create a romantic mood or simply to allow for a restful atmosphere while watching television or relaxing at the end of a long day. While most homes do not have remote light dimmers, they can be bought and programmed, and this could be useful if you have a young child who needs the restroom at night or go on vacation and want to light up different rooms at different times to create the appearance that someone is at home.

Dimmers are called “faders” or “fades” in the lighting industry. They can come in sizes from small to large. That means that the dimmers you use in your home are just small sized versions of the same dimmers (often remote light dimmers) used to dim the lights in movie houses or theaters.

So the next time you are in the market for a little romance or maybe just some relaxing mood lighting with which to enjoy a batch, think of remote light dimmers and all the time you will save pre-programming for “the mood.”

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