Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners

The very first vacuum was invented in 1868, it was called the Whirlwind and it was manually powered vacuum cleaner in the world. Then over time and technology there were hundreds of upgraded versions of the original vacuum cleaner. The second waves of vacuum cleaners were the electric vacuum cleaners. The designs of these vacuum cleaners were canister style. These vacuums were tubular in shape and they would sit horizontally with wheels and the dirt would be picked up with a hose and an attachment on the end.

These were great until the upright vacuum was invented. There was no more back pain or bending over with the upright vacuum. Then over time and a few more upgrades came the rechargeable vacuum cleaner. These are lightweight cleaners that come in upright style or hand held. The very first rechargeable vacuum cleaner was the Dust Buster. You would place the hand held vacuum in a holder and plug into the wall and when you needed to clean up a small mess, the Dust Buster would clean it up in no time.

The rechargeable upright vacuums are often called sweepers. There are so many different brands that make their own version of the rechargeable vacuum cleaner. The Shark Sweeper, Hoover, Euro-Pro and Oreck. The uprights are efficient because they don’t use a lot of electricity.

The uprights are good for small area rugs and thinner carpet. The thicker rugs will need more power to get up the smallest particles. The hand held version of the rechargeable vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning small messes, stairs, furniture and cars.

These are great to use in small areas like mobile homes, campers, cars, dorm rooms and offices. They are lightweight and compact. They use a regular electrical outlet and can be fully recharged in a matter of hours. Is a rechargeable vacuum better than a regular vacuum? Not really, it really depends on what you are cleaning.

The rechargeable vacuums are great for on the spot cleaning and a basic cleaning. But if you are looking to vacuum up small pieces and tough stains like dirt you will want to use a regular vacuum. The rechargeable vacuums are cheaper than regular vacuums and they are often the first vacuums that first time apartment renter use. These vacuums are cheap, starting around $ 29.99.

You can find these rechargeable vacuum cleaners in most retail stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Some of the benefits of using these vacuums as opposed to using the regular electrical vacuums is that if you need to vacuum in an area where there is no electrical outlet then you can simply take your rechargeable off the wall and vacuum the mess.

The rechargeable vacuums are portable so you can take the anywhere. Regular vacuums are portable too but they are heavy and bulky, they would take up way too much room. These are perfect to college dorm rooms when you need a vacuum but don’t have much space. Another great use for these vacuums is for a playroom for your kids.

When they make a mess, you can use the rechargeable vacuum to clean up the mess and not have any long power cords to trip over or for the kids to touch. The rechargeable vacuums are perfectly safe and they work very well. The best part is if the power goes out and there is a spill, if the rechargeable vacuum was charged properly, you can still use the vacuum. With a regular vacuum, if there is no power you are out of luck.

Shop around online and check out some of the best places to get a rechargeable vacuum. Set a price range and if you have a specific brand in mind look on their website. Sometimes you can get a really great deal.

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