RCA Video Cable

When it comes to connecting all your favorite electronic equipment you may need to purchase a few different types of cables and adapters to get everything working together perfectly. Many people own televisions, DVD players, receivers, VCR’s, gaming systems and cable boxes. All of these will need to be connected in some way in order to operate correctly. Picking the best type of cords and cables can be a little confusing when you are not used to hooking up electronic equipment. With so many different types and brands of cables in the stores you may be wondering which is best suited for what you need.

There a several types of cables that you can purchase for your electronics however the RCA video cable is one of the most popular. RCA video cables transmit your video information from one source to another. These cables can be sold as video cables alone or you can purchase an RCA video/ audio combination cable which will transmit your video information along with the audio information at the same time. When purchasing an RCA video cable you can usually find them with a yellow tip. This helps you know that it is a video cable. Some RCA video cables may come with black or gray tips as well but may have a yellow stripe or some way of telling you that it is for video. If you choose to purchase an RCA combination cable that includes the audio portion then you will typically find these cords with 3 different plugs that contain one yellow, one red and one white. The red and white plugs on the cables are for the audio and the yellow remains the video plug.

If you are interested in purchasing an RCA video cable that only delivers video information then you can find several different types. They all do the same thing but some brands may have a better reputation for delivering the information a little clearer than others. You want to make sure that the RCA video cable you purchase is made of a sturdy material and fits snuggly into where your cable plugs in. This will ensure the cable cord will not become loose or fall out easily causing a signal disruption. It can become frustrating when you have a cord that does not fit properly and is always becoming loose.

When you begin your search for your new RCA video cable you may notice that you find that they come with different types of connectors. You may choose to purchase an RCA video cable that has a 24 karat gold tip. This may sound a little strange for a video cable cord but the reason behind having a cable that contains 24 karat gold is that gold is a really great electrical conductor. The RCA video cable cords that contain gold are extremely reliable for delivering the best video signal without having any video disruption. The RCA video cable cords come in a variety of lengths to ensure you have enough cable to connect your equipment. They come in 1 foot cables or as long as 100 feet cords depending on what your needs are. The prices of RCA video cable cords may vary depending on the brand of cable you purchase, the materials used on the cable and the length of the cable you need.

Today, most electronic equipment requires an RCA video and audio cable whenever you are connecting more than one piece of equipment to another. Whether you choose to purchase your RCA video cable separate from your audio cables is your choice, however it is often more convenient to purchase the RCA video and audio cable connector cables in combination. Whichever you choose, you should have no problem locating an RCA video cable from your local electronics store.

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