Rainbow Vacuum

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is a relatively aged design that has just started to grow in popularity tremendously in recent years. Some people believe that newer models of Rainbow vacuum cleaners are simply gimmick products but that is far from true. A Rainbow vacuum cleaner is a high quality product that could be listed comparably with other vacuum brands such as Electrolux and Kirby.

Product History
Rainbow vacuum cleaners have been available since 1929. This was when the original Rainbow vacuum cleaner, under the Rexair brand, was released. It was not until 1955 that an improved version of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner was released. Ever since 1955 there have been regular updates to the design of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner and there are now more advanced models made available.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Description

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is designed to be sleek, compact, portable, and it also does not require a vacuum bag to work properly. You might be wondering how the vacuum works if it does not use a bag of any sorts. Well, the Rainbow vacuum cleaner utilizes water as a storage department for all dirt and debris that is sucked into the vacuum. There is a water reservoir within the vacuum cleaner that keeps the dirt and debris in the vacuum cleaner. Eventually you will want to refill the water reservoir with clean water.

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner works at two different speeds and it can be used to clean various types of floors. Due to the ability to modify the height that the vacuum cleaner works at, you can use the vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors or even heavy carpets. As a matter of fact, the Rainbow vacuum cleaner could be used as a deep cleaner for carpets in your home. Also, not only can the vacuum cleaner work to clean hardwood floors and carpet floors but it can even clean the air in your home as well. This basically works by the dirty particles in the air being absorbed into the vacuum cleaner and storing in the water reservoir. The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is also designed with a HEPA filter so you can be guaranteed to clean your home efficiently.

Buying a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner
The Rainbow vacuum cleaner would be a great choice. The product includes various attachments and works with a number of features that can come in handy. If you are looking for a heavy duty vacuum cleaner for your home or business then you should be satisfied with this product. You would not just be purchasing a vacuum cleaner but rather a product that will help clean your whole home.

The only major disadvantage to buying a Rainbow vacuum cleaner is that they are rather expensive compared to the alternatives. There are roughly nine models of Rexair Rainbow systems that have been invented ever since the first product was designed in 1929. If you choose to purchase a Rainbow vacuum cleaner then you have a limited number of options but they are high quality products.

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are all high quality, powerful, and versatile. There are not too many issues with them but it will vary by person. Some people feel that they are difficult to use on stairs but this may not be an issue if you have the right attachments. The only real issue that most people will have with the Rainbow vacuum cleaner is the price tag which is easily over $1,000 for a single unit. If you are looking for a heavy duty vacuum cleaner then this is a small price to pay for quality but it is not for everyone. If this vacuum cleaner is within your budget then it would be recommended that you look at the models available and the features and designs of those products.

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  1. Their vacuums can seem pretty pricey and they are on the higher price side of vacuum cleaners. But for the performance and the quality that you get its well worth it. I have had my vacuum for over 10 years and it has worked perfectly since the day I bought it.

  2. Love Vacs says:

    These vacs are expensive but well worth it, really comparable to vacs like Kirby. The selection is also great for all those looking for residential and commercial use.

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