Rain Shower Head

If you love having a good shower, you’re probably looking for the latest and most innovative shower head the world has even seen. We’re talking of course about the rain shower head, which is the main focus of this web page. If you’re looking to buy one of these appliances, you’re visiting the right website! We are always searching the best deals from across the Internet, to make sure our visitors get access to the best products at lowest prices without having to waste their valuable time doing research. If you find this is a useful resource, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Besides providing for a more pleasurable and efficient shower experience, rain shower heads are actually better suited to take good care of your skin and scalp. If you’re like most people, you tend to focus on getting a shower head that shows water at you with intense pressure. Well, truth of the matter is that besides not being as efficient as it may seem, this method is actually not very good for your skin and scalp, because your body isn’t meant to take such intense blasts of water every day. That was actually the reason that enticed researchers to develop a new kind of shower head that provides a natural experience while being as effective as traditional shower heads – if not more.

What is a rain shower head, anyway?
The rain shower head is a neat appliance that does just what the name suggests: it creates a shower experience that feels very much like heavy rain. And as you know, it doesn’t take long at all to get completely soaked in the rain, even though the water pressure doesn’t feel nearly as aggressive as a regular shower does. Rain shower heads produce an abundance of large drops which will help you get rid of all the soap in record time, despite the fact it actually provides a soothing and refreshing sensation all over your skin and especially in your scalp. Once you’ve tried having a shower from a rain shower head, you’ll unlikely want to go back to the old-fashioned high water pressure shower heads.

Sure, the rain shower head is quite different from what people expect in a shower head. In more than a way, it’s just the opposite. In a time when most consumers just thought they wanted a powerful shower head that delivers high water pressure, the innovation brought along by the rain shower head was quite notorious and refreshing. Even though it doesn’t generate an aggressive flow of water, it is quite soothing and satisfying… especially if you choose a rain shower head with ceiling installation, which will provide you with a rather unique and effective shower experience.

Types of rain shower heads
There are several rain shower head models available to choose from, with the simplest kind being the faucet. This is just like any other shower head, which you can easily attach to your existing bathroom piping; you will be able to change it yourself without hiring a plumber… but it’s not nearly as interesting as the ceiling installation. In our opinion, that’s the most interesting and visually striking rain shower head variant now available on the market. The only downside is that you probably will have to hire a plumber to install the hardware in your ceiling.

Simply put, a rain shower head with ceiling installation is usually a big square or circular box installed in the ceiling, from which an abundant wide stream is expelled, comprised of large drops of water. The experience of using one of these showers is similar to standing in thick rain… except you’ll be getting the most unique and gratifying shower you’ve ever had. Additionally, ceiling mounted rain shower heads are very aesthetic and unique, which will provide a nice modern touch to your bathroom decoration. If you’re looking for a way to redecorate your bathroom with a striking modern touch, you should consider installing a rain shower head in your ceiling.

Benefits of using a rain shower head
At this point, you have probably realized how there are several advantages to using a rain shower head: they provide a unique shower experience, and it will add a unique touch to your bathroom decorations. However, there are other benefits of using this type of shower head which won’t be apparent until you’ve been using them for some time. For example, rain showers are much easier on the scalp; normal shower heads are too aggressive and they will unnecessarily beat up your scalp and damage your heads. Shower heads, on the other hand, are much gentler and just as effective.

Standing underneath a rain shower, you will have no trouble at all getting all the shampoo out, like you would have getting blasted at from a regular high pressure shower head. Since the water drops coming from a rain shower are quite large and abundant, it will easily wash out all the soap and shampoo from your body… normally with less trouble than using a regular shower head. Also, a rain shower uses the same amount of water as a regular shower head (sometimes less). This is surprising, since the stream of water coming from these innovative rain showers looks remarkably wider and abundant… but that’s just because the water doesn’t get pushed out at high speed. If you have never had one, you should try getting a rain shower; quite likely you will become a big fan.

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