Radiant Heater

A lot of people, who have areas that they want to heat but they may not be connected to a central heating system, have turned to radiant heaters over the years to make sure that the space is appropriately heated. One of the reasons that so many radiant heaters are employed for heating spaces is that the heat delivery system of radiant heaters makes it possible for the heat to be absorbed by the surrounding area and reduces the amount of energy that is lost through traditional heating systems. With radiant heaters the heat radiates out from a specific point and is then reabsorbed by items in the room to help retain the heat because radiant heaters affect people and objects rather than directly heating up the air around them. This means that surface areas that are covered in concrete and metal keep the heat and then radiate the heat back again, keeping the area warmer than it would be if it were kept warm with a traditional air heat delivery system.

One way that you can help to optimize the capabilities of radiant heaters is to make sure that the tubes are covered by a reflective covering that will help to redirect the energy that is coming from the top of the tube back toward the floor so that none of the energy is wasted. This is a common way to help maximize the benefits of radiant energy so that almost all of the energy is completely directed at the floor. The idea is that by making sure that the radiant heaters are fixed completely on the concrete floor and surrounding area that they will absorb the heat until eventually they begin to radiate a portion of the heat back toward the ceiling, thus providing a cocoon of warm air in which people who work in these large, breezy areas can stay warm.

Some of the places in which radiant heaters are used are patios, garages, large construction bays, airplane hangars, car washes, outdoor bars and restaurants, and even greenhouses. However, there are also a variety of radiant heaters that are used in the home. They are not the same ceiling mounted radiant heaters that belong in the open spaces described above, but they can help to heat up a home and reduce the amount of money that people spend on their heating bills. However, radiant heaters that are in home can be mounted on the wall or kept in an individual unit that is generally placed on a floor area that is clear of carpet. The radiant heaters in homes are commonly made up of gas heater panels, electric resistance coils, or a plain bar radiator. It mainly just depends on what your needs are before you decide which radiant heater will work out best for your home.

Because of the risk for fire in many of the homes that rely on radiant heaters you should always be careful when turning to a separate heating source outside of the traditional heating system. One of the reasons that radiant heaters can be so dangerous is that people have a tendency to put clothing, blankets, and other wayward items in front of the radiant heaters. Since these heaters are designed to make the objects around them hot the articles of clothing, carpets, and blankets can heat up to the point of catching on fire and this can cause a lot of unnecessary fires in homes that rely on radiant heaters. So, if you decide to go ahead and use a radiant heater system in your house or garage you will need to make sure that you have used the device safely and that you are vigilant about how the radiant heater is operated.

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  1. Typhoon Mark says:

    Electric radiant floor heating systems can be utilized in various aspects of your home, these systems are easy to install during a remodel or new construction of a home. This system is very user friendly and comfortable to use.

  2. Underfloor heating is the day dream of most people, where you can enjoy the warmth on cold floors. It is easy to install, it is no wonder as its benefits for health, energy efficiency, visual appeal, space saving and cost effectiveness are vast.

  3. Amos says:

    Try out geo thermal heaters too. They are very eco friendly and very cheap. They use heat from the ground to heat homes.

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