Radar Detectors

Did you know that on average over 40 million speeding tickets are written and issued in the United States each and every year. This, quite remarkably, equates to a 1 in 7 chance every year that you may end up being issued with a speeding ticket. Another way to look at it is that every single driver is pretty much guaranteed to receive a speeding ticket once every 7 years. The average speeding ticket after court costs is $150. However, we are all well aware that this is not typically the only costs involved. You can expect your insurance premiums to increase when they come up for renewal and it is estimated that the total cost for being caught speeding will add up to in excess of $1000. This is the main reason why numerous motorists are driven to buy radar detectors.

The police and many other law enforcement agencies use radar to measure the speed of a moving vehicle. These come in the form of radar guns that can be hand held or mounted onto a fixed object. This will often explain why you have a speeding citation, but were never aware of it at the time. Radar detectors work on the principle of detecting electromagnetic emissions for these radar guns. An alarm is then raised to notify you that there is a radar signal within close proximity. However many motorists have been party to false alarms as occasionally these devices can be triggered by any number of electromagnetic activity. One such instance would be the automatic doors opening and closing at the supermarket.

There are various manufacturers of Radar Detectors and with the introduction of modern technology they have become a must have item for motorists. Obviously, the more you spend on a model, the more features and benefits it may offer. The Ka Radar is recognized as having the highest sensitivity and can alert you to any form of radar signal. However as these models are priced at the higher end of the market most people choose to ignore it and opt for a cheaper model. The Gatso is the most popular type, as is commonly used in speed cameras. This should alert to the numerous speed cameras you may come across while driving through major highways. The latest technology in this field is the “Pop” radar. The Pop radar will automatically detect a police laser whenever it comes into contact with your vehicle. The introduction of this technology has seen many of the cheaper and lower end models become obsolete in recent years.

There are 3 main types of radar detector in the marketplace. These are, namely, the GPS speed camera detectors, you also have radar and laser detectors and finally a laser detector on its own. A speed camera is set up to take a photograph of the rear of a speeding vehicle. Radar and laser detectors typically come in the form of a hand held gun and will, on most occasions, be operated by an actual person. Laser guns and their detection is often referred to as LIDAR. The laser will emit light waves which will be detected by your radar. It is, therefore, extremely important that you check which specific features a Radar Detector offers you before you make a purchase.

The majority of good detectors have a range of up to 1-2 miles allowing you plenty of time and road to be driving at a sensible pace before it’s too late. It is important to have your detector mounted in a place within your car where it has the maximum opportunity to discover other radar and laser signals. Usually the higher it is placed in your car the better. Many motorists choose to mount their detector onto the dashboard, however to ensure no attention is drawn to this device, many people choose to discreetly hook it behind the rear view mirror. The majority of Radar Detectors will come with Velcro so they can be easily attached and removed. This is also to deter thieves as they are likely to be attracted to any car that carries the latest technology on full view.

The more modern range of radar detectors offer many other features including safety alerts for hazardous roads or unsafe weather conditions. The detector has a display that will have text alerting you to the strength of radar signals in the area and a beeping noise will be emitted whenever a radar signal is detected. The noise will continue until you have slowed the car down to a suitable speed. I’m sure you’ll agree that this masterpiece of modern technology has become an essential add-on to your vehicle and should be used whenever you are on the road.

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