Raclette Maker

If you need the perfect tool to socialize over dinner or lunch then forget barbeques, here is introducing to you the raclette maker – the new greatest idea for entertaining your friends, family and other guests!

The electric raclette maker is a machine that is well equipped enough to enable eight separate diners to cook by themselves and serve themselves as well. It is most commonly used to broil raclette cheese portions that, after being cooked properly, can be scraped off by the guests on to their plates from their individual broiler trays using small spatulas. What is even more convenient about the machine is that it has a handsome grill top made of granite that is ideal if you want to cook additional small items along with the cheese such as sausages and various kinds of vegetables. You can even use the grill top to prepare special varieties of desserts.

A raclette maker cooks evenly and heats fast and easily, which melts the cheese to perfection and prepares other food items equally well using the heated stone top. Rest assured, all the materials that have been used to manufacture this machine are of the highest quality and will not disappoint eager customers.

The machine weighs around 16lbs and it also has an adjustable thermostat that can be adjusted to 420°F. When using the Raclette Maker, remember that even if the Granite grill becomes discolored or develops cracks, there is no need to worry, as this is completely normal and will, in no way hamper the proper functionality of the grill top. The maker is also the simplest and easiest to clean and maintain. In order to have good maintenance, it is recommended that you wipe the stainless steel base of the machine with a damp cloth after finishing off with its use.

Customers rave on about how amazing this raclette maker is because of its use for cooking raclette, which is considered the perfect food item for sharing and socializing. The machine is ideal for use in several occasions in homes and you are almost guaranteed to always have a blast! Customers especially enjoy and appreciate that they are able to cook additional items to accompany the raclette on the granite grill top with the heated stone, which allows everyone to take part in cooking different items.

Basically, the raclette maker will provide the best way to simply have fun by plugging in your machine, setting the food on it and just sitting around waiting for a few minutes for the meal to prepare while enjoying relaxed conversation with friends and family. It allows a family to have an enjoyable time together where even the children can have their share of cooking by placing their desired food items on the top stone grill while simultaneously melting the raclette in the tray at the bottom for the others.

The price of the raclette maker ranges from above $100 and below $200. There can be internet offers available at a discounted rate of approximately $140. Taking care of the raclette maker is extremely easy but certain level of care should be taken especially cleaning the product, and understanding how the raclette maker would wear with time, and which parts can be cleaned with a dishwasher and parts, which should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

All in all, the raclette maker has been highly recommended by all the customers who have used it and we especially recommend it to YOU. Enjoy the great delicious food prepared by your machine while at the same time exploring its sociable aspect. Get your raclette maker today – grill, eat, laugh, enjoy and simply have FUN!

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