Raclette Grill

Burgers taste better when there is cheese on it. Pizzas also taste good if it is topped with tons of cheese. And who would not love to dip a chip on melted cheese? If you are a fan of this dairy product then you would definitely want to try the snack called raclette as well.

Raclette is a dish that originated from the European countries. It was named after the kind of cheese which is the main ingredient in this cuisine. The conventional way of preparing a raclette is by heating the cheese in an open fire and scraping the melted part in the dish of those who would like to eat. The scraped cheese is usually accompanied by pickled onions, potatoes, dried meat, bell peppers, mushroom, tomatoes, and more. However, preparing the dish may sometimes be exhausting especially if you have to heat the cheese again and again for several guests. Aside from that, the ingredients that would accompany the raclette cheese are best eaten when hot as well.

This is when a raclette grill comes in handy. This is the modern and the easier way of preparing and serving a raclette dish. It is a table-top grill that usually runs on electricity. The difference of the raclette grill with the other countertop grill is that it must be used with small pans or what they call as the coupelles. These coupelles would be the tool that would heat the big slices of the cheese. The top grill is where you could heat the other foods in the platter.

More often than not, raclette grills can only prepare for two to three persons at a time. But since this snack is usually served during informal parties, there are some grill manufacturers created raclette grills that can accommodate as much as 8 persons. This does not just mean wider and bigger grill. It also includes 8 coupelles at the same time. But if you want more people to share the grill with you, the coupelles can be availed individually in different online and local stores near you.

And to complete the set of the raclette grill, you may also opt to include the matching spatulas as well. These are the spatulas that you need so you could flip the meat, vegetables, and other ingredients that would accompany your raclette cheese.

There are also some raclette grills that have reversible tops. You can grill raclette cheese at one side. The other side is smooth so you could make crepes and pancakes without ruining its perfect serving form.

Anyone can easily control the temperature of the grill just by turning the knob or pushing a few buttons in the raclette grill. The temperature controls vary depending on the model of the raclette grill that you purchased. More often than not, there are indicators that would tell you if the grill is already too hot or you need to warm it up again. In just a few minutes, while you are all busy catching up with each other, the raclette cheese and the other ingredients are ready to be eaten.

Cleaning the racletter grill, spatulas, and the coupelles would also not take much of your time. Usually, the new models of the raclette grill and its set are made from non-stick materials so you do not have to scrub hard just to take out the cheese and others from the pan. And since these kitchen equipments are non-stick you can easily wipe the remaining foods off of the grill or even in the coupelles if you are in a hurry to serve another batch of raclettes to your guests.

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