Quesadilla Maker

It is possible to prepare a quesadilla without a quesadilla maker but there will be a few difficulties. If you want to make the perfect quesadilla then the best way to do so is to prepare it with a quesadilla maker.

To understand the importance of a quesadilla maker you have to consider what a quesadilla is. A quesadilla is a Mexican food. The dish is most commonly prepared by filling a flour tortilla with cheese, meat, and other ingredients, then folding it in half and baking, toasting, or grilling it.

What is a Quesadilla Maker
A quesadilla maker is a basic device used to cook a quesadilla. This eliminates the need for using a cooking device such as your toaster oven or stove to prepare the quesadilla. The quesadilla maker is designed similar to a waffle iron. When the ingredients are all prepared and placed in the quesadilla maker they will be heated up. The device features a nonstick metal plate on both sides so the quesadilla can be heated equally on both the top and bottom.

Advantages of a Quesadilla Maker
Using a quesadilla maker has quite a few advantages over preparing the quesadilla by various other preperation methods. The main advantage to using a quesadilla maker is that it provides the proper temperature to brown the quesadilla completely. There is also an equal heat distribution which covers the whole quesadilla (as it is heated from both sides). This eliminates the need to flip the quesadilla over as you would have to when cooking it in a frying pan or oven.

The overall design of the quesadilla maker is optimal as it is designed perfectly for preparing and serving quesadillas. Once the quesadilla is cooked it can be easily removed from the device. This is partially a result of the metal plates having a nonstick feature.

Another reason that the quesadilla can be taken out of the cooker easily is that the inside section is shaped to hold the quesadilla perfectly. Many designs allow for the quesadilla to be removed in portions and this is also a good feature as this is a common appetizer. The edges of the nonstick metal plates are also shaped to seal the quesadilla as it is heated.

Using a Quesadilla Maker
A quesadilla maker is very easy to use. It does not take much more than placing the uncooked quesadilla in the quesadilla maker and waiting for it to finish. Before you heat up the quesadilla you must pre-heat the device. After the quesadilla is fully pre-heated (there should be a light for this) you can insert the flour tortilla in the device. Set one tortilla on the bottom nonstick metal plate and add the ingredients (cheese, meat, etc) on top of the tortilla. Be quick while doing this and place the second flour tortilla on top of the ingredients and close the quesadilla maker.

Some quesadilla makers include a timer and it would be best to use this feature if you can. If this is not the case then just wait for roughly three minutes before opening the quesadilla maker and it should be ready to be served. After removing the quesadilla from the appliance you may also be able to set it on top of the device to keep it warm before being served. This is very useful if you have to heat up multiple quesadillas and want to serve them at the same time.

Final Thoughts
A quesadilla maker can be a very useful kitchen appliance. You are not limited to using it for making quesadillas either. You could easily prepare a grilled cheese sandwich with this device as well. For an investment of $20-30 or so you are getting a great deal. If you find yourself regularly making quesadillas then this would be a strongly recommended investment for you.

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