Quad Core Laptop

The processor is without a doubt the most crucial piece of hardware inside any computer. Everything your computer does could not be carried out properly without a working processor as it basically works as the brains of your computer.

When a task is requested to be performed it will be completed by your computer’s processor. For a faster computer you will need a strong computer and nothing plays a bigger role in your computer’s speed then the processor. With laptops, some can be extremely slow as they are light duty computers, but a strong processor can increase the speed by a lot.

What Is A Quad Core Processor?
A quad core processor is simply what the name implies, four processors combined and functioning together. Before quad core processors were developed, dual core processors were the popular option, which was two processors working at once. A quad core processor inside a laptop is the most important thing you should look for in the list of specifications when considering purchasing a specific model.

Quad core laptops will vary in price but generally they will be $800+ and the higher end models will easily cost a few thousand dollars. If there are any special features included with the laptop (example: heavy duty design, such as the Panasonic Toughbook) then the price will obviously be much higher.

Regardless of whether you are buying a cheap or high end laptop, you will want to make sure that it at least has a quad core processor as it is the single most important factor in the computer’s performance.

About The Processor
It may not seem clear what a quad core processor is exactly. Obviously we know by now that it is four processors in one, but this does not tell you much. What really matters is the GHz specifications within the laptop. You could find one laptop with a 2.33GHz quad core processor, and another laptop with a 3.05GHz processor. As you can see, the difference in specifications can vary dramatically depending on the specific processor.

While you would obviously benefit more from the laptop operating at the highest speed possible, it is not a major issue. As long as you buy a quad core laptop you should be happy with the performance. If you are a gamer though, this may not be the case. For anyone that plays PC games on a regular basis, the higher processor speed that is also a quad core processor would be strongly recommended. There are other situations where you would want the highest processor speed possible as well, such as professional video editing.

Hardware Compatibility Issues
Everyone should be aware of the hardware compatibility issues with quad core processors. You cannot use these processors with a normal motherboard, and a result of this it is not easy to upgrade your processor to a quad core. When buying a new laptop this will not be an issue. However, if you want to swap your current processor with a quad core processor you will likely need to buy and install a new motherboard as well.

Buying A Quad Core Processor
If you are looking to upgrade or built a computer then you will want to know what to know what to purchase. The most important factor will usually be your budget. Just look for the strongest processor within your budget.

You can find quad core processors made by AMD and INTEL. The quality of the processor will not be any different depending on the specific brand. The only variable of the processor’s quality is the actual specifications.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a new processor for your desktop computer then you may want to look for an upgrade from the quad core processor. These processors are a great piece of hardware for a laptop and can be a vital part of any gamer laptop, but they do not add anything impressive to a desktop computer’s performance.

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