PVC Card Printer

Having the ability to print PVC cards can be very beneficial. It can prove to be useful in both small and large businesses. You can use it as a method to print basic identification cards, loyalty or membership cards, and more. There are many possible uses for the PVC cards. They could be used as hotel keys, staff time cards, and etc. With all the possibilities, owning a PVC card printer definitely seems to be very opportunistic.

PVC Cards in the Workplace
PVC cards are becoming very common the workplace. You can find these card systems in many different businesses for staff, client, and customer use. They are often used for security purposes to employee only access points. Client cards (such as bank cards or gym membership cards) are also very common. You can also find PVC cards for loyalty purposes as well. There are really endless possible uses for PVC cards in the workplace, so it makes sense that a PVC card would be just as beneficial.

Most workplaces that use the PVC card system will also have their own PVC card printer. Having to get these cards produced by a third party company tends to be pricey so investing in a printer for the job is usually the best thing to do. Using a PVC card printer within the workplace to produce the cards also prevents mistakes from being made during the preparing and printing process.

Benefits of Using a PVC Card Printer
If you decide to print off plastic cards by yourself instead of outsourcing the work, it will save you quite a bit of money and reduce stress tremendously. The cost of getting a third party to do the work can definitely be hefty. Also, outsourcing the work can leave room for error so you would want to avoid it if accuracy and efficiency is a must. If you want to make sure that the cards are printed off just as you wish them to be, then doing it in your office is the best way to go about it.

By owning and using your own PVC card printer, you will be able to print off many plastic cards in a short period of time. You will also be able to customize the appearance and functionality of these cards. You will have complete control over how the cards are designed. You can directly control the printing specifics through the software that is used on your computer. From on the computer you have the ability to change around the visuals of the plastic card based on your requirements.

With a PVC card printer, you can even print photo identification cards. You could implement images to the design of the plastic card as well.

What You Need to Use with a PVC Card Printer
Using a PVC card printer will require you to have some other components such as PVC cards, laminates, cleaning kits, and printer ribbons. Take a look below for a briefing on each of these to know a little bit more about their importance.

PVC Cards
The PVC cards will obviously be very important as you are printing the information onto them. You can find PVC cards available in various forms and qualities. CR-80 30 ml PVC cards are very common as they provide an acceptable quality print for PVC cards that also include images. This type of PVC card is completely white and is sized the same as a typical debit or credit card. You have the ability to use full coloring with this type of PVC card so you have unlimited choices with the design.

While laminating may not always be necessary, it can be very beneficial for preserving the quality of a plastic card. The use of laminates will be determined partially based on what the cards are being used for. Laminating the card provides great protection for the card though. You can find PVC card printers that have a laminating feature, or you could opt to investing in separate laminates that can be singularly used with the PVC cards.

Cleaning Kits
It will be essential that you always keep your PVC card printer in top working shape. Part of doing this will be to keep the printer as clean as possible. You will be supplied with a certain cleaning kit for your printer – this will be based on the specific model of PVC printer that you have.

Cleaning kits for PVC card printers typically include swabs, rollers, and pens to clean inside of the PVC card printer. Regular maintenance of the printer can help keep it in working order for many years.

Printer Ribbons
It is obviously necessary that the PVC card printer have a ribbon cartridge. This component is important, as it is responsible for placing the ink onto the plastic card. The ribbon cartridges can be found in singular colors or full color. Using the printer ribbons, you can achieve an appropriate color level to be able to create the highest quality images possible when the card is printed.

Final Thoughts
There are endless uses for a PVC card printer. In almost any business, it can prove to be an extremely handy piece of office equipment. It can also save a company quite a bit of money, as there will no longer be a need to outsource the work of creating plastic cards. To close, a PVC card printer is something that most companies should consider investing in as it could do a lot for their business.

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