Push Reel Mower

Push reel mowers have obvious benefits: they’re inexpensive and they don’t use fuel. What you may not have realized is that push mowers have other important benefits; since they don’t make a lot of noise or release any fumes, using them can actually be enjoyable, when you’re in the right mindset.

When the term “push reel mower” is brought up, many people still think of those old-fashioned devices from their childhood years, which usually required an extenuating amount of force to keep moving. If that’s your case, there’s no reason to be haunted by such memories, since modern push mowers are much more user-friendly and efficient. Despite being compact and affordable, and even though they don’t generally use fuel (asides from your pushing energy) these modern push reel lawn mowers can actually be used with little effort.

Since they don’t rely on fossil fuels like bigger lawnmowers, push reel mowers release no exhaust fumes, not to mention they don’t spend gas. Additionally, this is the simplest and most inexpensive type of lawnmower available… but it will be all you need to keep your lawn nice and trimmed. Unless you are dealing with a gigantic lawn, there really is no need to think about getting a motorized lawnmower, especially once you’ve realized how effortlessly these modern push reel mowers are operated.

Even though these lawn mowers are quite simple to use, there are some tricks you may want to consider, that will guarantee you get the best results with the least effort. To begin with, you will find it much easier doing upkeep in your lawn if you don’t let the grass grow too tall. Ideally, you should mow the lawn every 2 or 3 weeks, but you might want to experiment with different cutting heights until you find the sweet spot. Generally though, you will have a harder time mowing your grass with a manual mower if you let it grow too much.

When using a push reel mower, you should walk at a steady pace; that will ensure the mower will not skid or get bound up. If you move too slowly, your lawn won’t look so neat; also by moving at a brisk pace you’ll make sure you also get a good exercise while mowing your lawn. Another thing you should do is overlapping your rows as you move along. The thinner each row, the easier it will be to keep pushing the lawn; this is a little trick you can use to your advantage when you’re starting to get tired or otherwise when you don’t feel like pushing yourself too hard.

You should also experiment with different mowing patterns, since the direction in which you cut the grass can make a big difference in the final results. Since not all lawns and grasses follow the same pattern, you should experiment until you find what works best in your own lawn. Also, there’s no need to get perfectionist and obsess about some lonely blades of grass sticking around in your lawn; you will get best results with the least effort if you mow your lawn regularly, as opposed to trying to get it perfectly trimmed in a single day.

Certain advantages of using a push lawn mower are fairly obvious, such as the fact they’re inexpensive and don’t spend gas nor do they add to pollution. However, there are other benefits which not everyone realizes at first thought:  for once, these lawn mowers are a good way to get a light workout while mowing the lawn. Second, they can be used any time of day or night, since they don’t make a lot of noise. This is good since you can mow your lawn at the crack of dawn, and your neighbors won’t complain that you’re making too much racket.

It’s actually very nice, getting up early and pushing around your lawn mower leisurely while listening to the birds and making plans for the day. You will get a bit of exercise, breathe some fresh air, and take care of your lawn all at once. More importantly, you won’t have to stand the noise or fumes that are usually a trademark of motorized lawn mowers. You will however, be able to keep your lawn nice and trimmed without exerting yourself, all the while taking advantage of an environmentally sound solution.

As you can see, there are many ways you can benefit from using a push lawn mower, which is actually great, since these devices are quite inexpensive. Have fun mowing your lawn with a traditional method, and keep in mind that thanks to the latest technological developments it doesn’t quite require as much effort as you might remember from your childhood years.

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