PTZ Camera

PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras are a great choice for any business looking to set up a surveillance camera system. Surveillance cameras that are installed in place with little to no movement are virtually worthless. If you have a lot of area to cover then you are going to need a PTZ camera. With the pan/tilt/zoom features you can monitor the area surrounding the camera, not just in front of it.

There are different types of PTZ cameras available. You could purchase a PTZ dome camera which would give a view of everything in the room. If you installed this type of camera in the ceiling of your business then you probably would not need another camera. If you are installing surveillance cameras in a department store (or similar business) then just place a few dome cameras in different areas of the store. You can cover a lot of space with a dome PTZ camera. Alternatively, you can find PTZ cameras that will monitor roughly a 180 degree range.

Advantages of a PTZ Camera
The whole reason why PTZ cameras are such a great choice for security systems is that they allow you to pan, tilt, and zoom while recording. For live surveillance this allows you to see exactly what is going on in all of the areas with cameras. If someone was attempting to steal something from your business they would try to avoid the cameras. If your cameras are not able to move at all within the interface software then they are useless. All that person would have to do is find a zone where the cameras are not covered. If you had PTZ cameras set up then there would be almost no where that is out of range for the camera’s view.

You can also install PTZ cameras to be used with either a DVR system or computer. If you wish to monitor your property from a laptop, some software even allows you to do so via the Internet. Using a DVR system to monitor the areas with surveillance cameras in place is also very useful. The DVR system will include an integrated hard drive which allows you to save a lot of video in the device. You can also watch everything that is going on via your television. This may be a more convenient feature for home security but it can be just as useful in a business environment.

Dome Cameras
The most popular models of PTZ surveillance cameras consist of the dome design. These have become extremely popular as they allow you to cover the whole room that they are in. There may be some very limited situations where a standard PTZ camera is beneficial. However, with PTZ dome cameras you can see literally everything that is going on. You can specify any area of the room to and zoom in on that section. With a dome camera you will eliminate the need for loads of cameras being set up and they are also much harder to destroy or steal.

There is nothing more beneficial than being able to use a camera to monitor the room at 360 degrees. The lens also positions itself to see action in any direction. Some of these devices allow for auto recognition so when there is movement it will detect it and pan/tilt/zoom to that area. These cameras can also be used during both day and night, indoors and outdoors, and in cold and hot temperatures.

PTZ surveillance cameras include a number of useful features that cannot be found on most types of surveillance cameras. The really great thing about PTZ cameras is the dome design that can monitor everything in the area. However, any type of PTZ camera is extremely useful as it can pan, tilt, and zoom as needed. You also have the option of using the cameras with a DVR system as well which is very convenient.

A PTZ camera can work as an eye in the sky, almost in an omniscient manner. You will be able to cover all spots of your business and keep an eye on any customers or workers in your store. This can be both a financial saver and a security device as well. Obviously the PTZ dome camera would be useless in a residence but it is very efficient in a business environment. If you are looking to implement a surveillance system to your business then you should definitely consider using PTZ surveillance cameras.

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