PTAC Air Conditioners

PTAC stands for packaged terminal air conditioner. These air conditioners are extremely common in hotels and many apartment buildings. They are designed to offer a combination of heating and air conditioning from one device. These air conditioners are often self-contained and can usually be found built-in to walls; this is especially common in hotel and motel rooms. There are also heat sinks that are located both inside and outside of the air conditioner.

PTAC air conditioners are available in various sizes but the more common models are usually between 36” by 15” and 42” by 16”. Most of these air conditioners are 42” wide and are installed with a large window. They are easily efficient for heating a single room and can also heat a full apartment when more than one is installed.

PTAC air conditioners are often used solely to heat or cool the room they are in via electric heating. However, there are some of these air conditioners that are used primarily for cooling and offer an external heating system that is controlled by natural gas or a heating coil. PTAC air conditioners operate at anywhere from 2kw to 5.5kw. These devices do not require drain pipes as there is an evaporator coil which is responsible for extracting water from the air which resulted from condensation.

The PTAC air conditioner may not appear to be very energy efficient but that is not necessarily true. You are able to control each unit separately so you do not have to crank the heat up in every room just to heat a single room. This can come in very handy for a number of reasons and ultimately it can lower the amount of electricity used to heat a room or apartment.

A PTAC air conditioner is used for minor increases and decreases to temperature; they would not be optimal if there is extreme heat or cold in the environment. For this reason, these heaters are not a great choice for heating a house but they are definitely a great option for heating a single room or small apartment.

When you are looking to buy a PTAC air conditioner you will want to look at a few characteristics so you can chose the best model possible. The three main characteristics of PTAC air conditioners which are important when choosing one are the voltage levels, BTU levels, and the size of the product.

You want to make sure that the device has enough BTU’s to work for the whole room. To do this you should use a BTU calculator (available online), then make sure the model you choose at least meets that BTU level. You also want to make sure that the device is the right size to be installed in the area you plan on installing it and that it is compatible for the room you are using it in. You may also want to look for accessories such as a drain kit or thermostat with a wall mount to get the most out of your PTAC air conditioner.

If you are looking for a good heating and air conditioning source for a single room or small apartment then a PTAC air conditioner would be a great choice. You should definitely take a look at the available models and try to find something that suits your needs. Make sure you choose a model which is the right size and offers the exact specifications that you need to work effectively in your room. Lastly, you should only purchase from a trusted brand such as Sanyo, GE, or LG so you know the product will be high quality and work well for you.

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