PSP Memory Stick

These days, the Playstation is more than just a game console. The same is the case for its portable cousin, the PSP. Now a popular way to view television shows, listen to music, watch movies and, of course, play games, there are many people of all ages that just can’t live without their PSP. PSP memory cards make it even more enjoyable to have the handheld device because you no longer have to delete your favorite things to make room for new favorite things.

The PSP memory card, formally known as the PSP Memory Stick PRO Duo, has 4 GBs of storage. This card allows you to store games, movies and TV shoes downloaded from the Playstation Store. A version of the PSP memory card is also available in 2G. Sony has recently announced a 16-GB version of the device. There has been an influx of counterfeit PSP memory cards, and as a result there are “memory stick testers” out in the market to help determine if what you think you’re paying for is actually what you get. Memory Sticks come in high speed and normal modes and are also available in 256 MB, 512 MB and 8 GB.

The PSP memory stick was developed for the copying, sharing and exchange of items among a large swatch of devices. The memory stick is light, compact and can hold photos, short movies, videos, games and more. These things can be downloaded directly from the Internet to your PSP, then stored on the PSP memory card.

So, how do you know if you really need a PSP memory stick? Big families that have to share the PSP may benefit from each family member having their own memory stick, where they can save their own stuff. This means no arguing over “who erased this” or “who downloaded that.” The PSP memory card is also perfect for people with multiple media devices, who require an easily portable vehicle for transferring large files.

Memory sticks used to be an expensive commodity, but competition among high-tech manufacturers has significantly brought down prices. Find the PSP memory stick where game consoles are sold, including Sony online, Gamestop and Toys R Us.

If you have a problem with your memory stick, you must reformat it. This will refresh the memory stick, and if this doesn’t work your memory stick may be corrupt or fake. In fact, when you purchase a PSP memory stick, you must format it before you can even use it. All you require is the PSP 1.0 or later and a memory stick that is compatible with the PSP.

To format the PSP memory stick:

  • Push the home button. This is located on the left side of the PSP, towards the bottom.
  • Keep pushing the left arrow until you reach the settings portion of the menu.
  • Keep pushing the down arrow until you reach the system settings symbol. Select this icon by pushing “X”.
  • Keep pushing the down arrow until you reach the Format memory Stick option. Press “X” to select this option.
  • At this point, you should be asked to confirm whether you really want to format the memory stick. Formatting the memory stick will delete all available data, so please make sure you want to format the disk. If you are sure, highlight “Yes” and push the “X” button. Reformatting will take about 5 to 10 seconds.

Be sure to keep your PSP in a clean, dry environment. It is very easy to get these devices dirty, and they will not work when contaminated. When putting the device in your pocket or bag, be sire that the sensitive, data carrying end of the stick is not exposed. Always keep it in the retractable position or with the cap on.

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