PSP Camera

Since the Sony PSP was first released back in 2005 there have been multiple updates and changes made to it, including the addition of a camera. This lightweight device is a truly impressive technological development as far as gaming is concerned as well as digital photography. The PSP camera feature was first announced in March 2006, much to the excitement of those who were holding out to purchase one of these. When this feature first became available it was able to take 1.3 megapixel photos, a decent picture quality when you take into account that it was on a handheld game console. The camera feature came out around the same time that the GPS feature did, so consumers had numerous incentives to invest in this device which has become increasingly popular over the years. Those who have not already bought a PSP will want to know that the camera which comes with it has a digital zoom feature, meaning that you will be able to get up close and personal with the subjects of your photos.

The camera which had been added on to the latest version of the PSP also had audio capabilities for the video recording feature which this camera has. The mono microphone is certainly useful for those who wish to be able to record video and if you are one of them it will be important to look into getting one of these. When you have a PSP you will get just about everything you need all in one, including a gaming console, GPS navigation, and a photo/video camera. Because the PSP is made by Sony you know that you will be able to trust it. This company has come out with numerous high-quality electronics in the past and is certainly known around the world for their devotion to manufacturing only the best in gaming consoles, televisions, sound systems, and much more.

People in Japan were able to purchase the PSP with the GPS and camera functions in 2006, allowing them to take full of advantage of these new features which have certainly come in handy for numerous people who have it. The PSP itself is always being tweaked and updated in some way, and the camera was just one of the improvements that Sony made to their extremely popular handheld gaming console which has sold millions of units all over the world. If you want much more than just a camera, it is important to think about what the PSP will be able to offer you in terms of a multi-function device that is both practical and very fun. Although with the camera on the PSP you may not get the very best quality photos possible, it is still an impressive feature which you will need to take into consideration when trying to figure out whether or not you should get one of these for yourself.

The software which this camera comes with will allow you to both view and edit all of the pictures you take so you will be able to get them just how you want. By pressing just one button you will be able to view all of the photos you have taken so far in the format of a slideshow. This can be an extremely useful feature for those who want to show their friends and family what they have taken pictures of with their PSP camera. For the most part the software which the PSP uses for photo viewing/editing is rather simplistic and user-friendly so you shouldn’t have any issues at all with navigating your way through all of the different options and tools. An intuitive interface means that even those who are not familiar with devices like this will be able to easily view and edit the photos they take and upload them to their computer or display them on a television.

Videos can be recorded with this camera as a resolution of 480×272 which is quite impressive when you consider that it is on a handheld game console. The editing software which you get with your PSP will be able to help you make all of the photos and videos you take look much more attractive so you can proudly show them off to everyone you know. If you have been on the fence lately about getting one of these, it is important to take into consideration all of the features you will have, including the camera which is a great investment. Anyone who has been thinking about buying a PSP should definitely keep in mind that it comes with a great camera which can record video as well as take still shots.

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