PSP Battery

The PSP gaming system has become very popular over the last few years. PSP stands for PlayStation Portable and was designed for an older audience that enjoys game playing and watching movies. The PSP is more expensive than some of the other portable gaming systems because it not only plays video games but you can also do much more with the PSP. With the PSP you can connect to the internet, watch your favorite shows and movies, store photos, games and connect with other players for a real gaming experience. The PSP is made by Sony and is made to be durable. With the perfect sized screen and the easy to work controls you will find that the PSP is extremely handy and convenient for a travel sized entertainment companion.

The PSP comes with different options when you purchase it. You can typically choose between several beginner packs, each containing different accessories. The basic pack comes with a battery and an adapter to recharge your battery. Another pack comes with the battery, charger, headphones and a memory stick for storing all of your videos, movies and photos. One of the other packs will come with the all the above along with a game and movie. You can also buy other accessories to go with your PSP if you choose to do so. Carrying cases, more memory storage and even a GPS system designed to plug into your PSP allowing you to have a map anywhere you go.

Since the PSP is a multi functional piece of equipment you may notice that the battery does not last as long as you may like. Depending on how often you use your PSP and for how long, will determine how long your PSP battery holds charge. For those who will be going on a long trip and will not have access to an electrical outlet for recharging your PSP battery, you may consider purchasing an extra PSP battery. This way you can have more than one charged battery available at once.

You can typically buy PSP batteries at electronic stores that sell PSP systems or you can also find them online. Extra PSP batteries do not cost a lot of money and can come in handy when your other battery dies. The PSP batteries usually cost anywhere from $5 to $12 depending on where you decide to purchase them. The good news is that you do not have to buy only a Sony brand battery. There are many other brands of batteries that you can purchase that are designed to work with your PSP. Some may be cheaper than others but make sure you choose a battery that offers a long life and holds charge.

Another thing you may want to consider purchasing is an extra battery charger that way you can charge more than one battery at a time. Also the PSP car adapter and battery charger is another great accessory to own. These are great to have for long car rides. As with anything else that takes batteries, you can expect recharge the PSP battery often. The PSP battery is capable of lasting different lengths of time depending on what you are using your PSP for. If you are not using the screen of the PSP and just listening to music then the battery life lasts quite a bit longer than if you were watching a movie or playing a game. Without use of the screen you should be able to listen to music for up to 10 hours at a time but game playing and video watching may be closer to 6 hours. Having an extra battery for back up power is always a great idea. Make sure you pick up your extra battery for your PSP so you are never stuck with a dead battery at a time in which you would like to enjoy your PSP.

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