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The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is one of the hottest gaming consoles around today. Along with the popular Nintendo DS, it currently dominates the market for handheld gaming consoles. The Sony PSP was first released in Japan at the end of 2004, and was released in other countries shortly after that time. It has achieved impressive sales results around the world despite being more expensive than the Nintendo DS. The Sony PSP continues to grow in popularity as more gamers discover the benefits of handheld gaming. One of it’s main features is a large color screen which makes it possible to watch widescreen movies. There is also a good selection of Sony PSP accessories available to buy.

There are literally hundreds of games available for the Sony PSP, along with a good selection of movies and television shows. They are individually stored on a small compact disc, called a Universal Media Disc (UMD). A UMD holds up to 1.8GB of data which is just under half the capacity of a DVD, and a UMD is less than half the size of a DVD which makes it easy to carry around. Its compact size allows users to carry around a large number of games and movies, which makes the PSP ideal for some light entertainment while traveling. Protective cases for the UMDs are just some of the many Sony PSP accessories available.

Every Sony PSP comes with a battery and AC power adapter, but the value pack also includes a memory stick, headphones, and carry pouch. There is also a wide range of third-party Sony PSP accessories to choose from. Car charging kits are very popular with travelers because they allow the Sony PSP to be recharged from a standard cigarette lighter. Spare batteries and memory cards are also among the top selling Sony PSP accessories because they provide extra playing time and storage when you need it the most. Spare batteries are especially important if you want to take it away on camping trips.

The screen of the Sony PSP is excellent for playing games and watching movies. However, there is not much reason to use a small screen when you have a television available. To show games and movies on a television, the Sony PSP needs to be connected to it with a composite or component cable. The difference is that a component cable has five leads instead of three, which gives it the edge over the composite cable in terms of picture quality. Before buying one, check the back of your television to make sure that it has right connectors. Most older televisions do not have a connector for a component cable, and some televisions are so old that even a composite cable cannot be used.

As every gamer knows, sound effects are just as important as the graphics shown on the screen. Great graphics mean nothing if the audio quality is not up to the same standard. Also, many of the games available allows players to talk with each other while they are playing. Fortunately, there are Sony PSP accessories that deliver the audio quality that gamers expect. The official in-ear headset even has controls that perform all the usual functions, like changing the volume or track. Owning a headset also allows you to make calls over the internet using telephony services like Skype.

The Go!Cam converts the Sony PSP into a digital camera that shoots pictures and videos. This great little accessory simply plugs into the high-speed USB connector on the top edge, from where it gets electrical power and transmits media back for storage. The Powerwave docking system is one of the more interesting Sony PSP accessories. It essentially turns the Sony PSP into a media hub for showing games and movies on a television, without the need for AV cables. Gamers are always looking for accessories that give them an edge. Dual grips allow for better control while playing games, and there are also replacements for the analog stick should you wear them out.

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