PS3 Wireless Controller

All kind of people are really into playing video games. Most everyone loves the Sony playstation. There are all kinds of interactive games that can be played on it. If you really want to have fun playing interactive video games on your playstation then you definitely should get a ps3 wireless controller for it. With a ps3 wireless controller you will not have to worry about dealing with a jumbled mess of wires and cables when you are playing your video games. The DualShock 3 is a ps3 wireless controller that was released to the American market in 2007. This ps3 wireless controller incorporates the design of the older generation Sixaxis Wireless Controller and has many of its features. The DualShock 3 is the next generation controller after the DualShock2. Both of these Sony Playstation controllers come with vibration and rumble capabilities and utilize Bluetooth technology.

When you play video games it is really a lot more fun to use a ps3 wireless controller that lets you feel realistic pulsating action. Gamers love the feel of the rumbling and vibration they get as they hold the controller in their hands. Playing baseball or firing gunshots for example, is much more fun when you use a ps3 wireless controller. This type of controller is touted for making playing video games a much more realistic gaming experience. Interactive video games are very popular and are still gaining in popularity with the advent of the newest ps3 controllers on the market. There is even a newly designed SIXAXIS wireless ps3 controller for playstation. Several hundred of the older SIXAXIS controllers have already been bought by satisfied gamers. The new version features motion sensing technology and is compatible with the televisions and computer monitors today.

Unlike a traditional wired game controller, you do not have to plug a ps3 wireless controller into ports on the gaming console. You can sit wherever you want to sit in the room without worrying about wires stretching. All restrictions are gone when you use a wireless controller. An added bonus is the fact that when you are done playing your favorite video games you can easily store your wireless controller without the hassle of wires becoming entangled. There is one draw back to using a ps3 wireless controller. This draw back is the disadvantage of needing to replace the batteries alot. You have to have extra battery replacements on hand if yours begin to die down in a game.

There are multiple manufacturers that make a wireless game controller. A few of them are the dreamGEAR Shadow Wireless Game pad and the ps3 2.4 GHz wireless controller made by Hyperkin. These are said to be comparable to the ones being made by SONY. The dreamGear Shadow controller features enhanced right and left triggers so your fingers do not slip when playing your favorite video games. It has dual rumble motors and a built in rechargeable battery. You also get a mini USB charge cable.

You will get instructions for use with whichever ps3 wireless controller model you purchase. Any one of the ps3 wireless controllers usually comes with the same kinds of functions as a hard wired controller. Before you buy a ps3 wireless controller you should make sure it will be compatible with your gaming console. Some of the other brands do not perform as well as the Sony ps3 wireless controllers do. You can find ps3 wireless controllers locally at any electronic retail store that has games and consoles for sale. You can also find buy them from various vendors online that have game controllers for sale. Before you buy a specific ps3 wireless controller it is a good idea to read reviews on the various brands that are available.

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